Analysis of the market today, 16 April 1402 / Iqbal of the stock exchanges to small and medium stocks of the market

According to Tejarat News, today’s stock market transactions took place while the total index moved in line with the trend of the previous day; Accordingly, the main index of the glass hall faced an increase of 18 thousand and 362 units, which is equivalent to 0.87 percent of this index, and ended its work at a height of two million and 137 thousand units. In this way, the total index has been stabilized above the ceiling of 1999.

Today, the equal-weighted total index behaved in line with the total index and reached the level of 651 thousand 078 units with an increase of 2.09 percent.

Statistics and figures of today’s capital market transactions

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange shows the volume of today’s transactions at 24 billion and 200 million. Also, the value of small transactions (stocks + mutual funds) in today’s market was 16 thousand 165 billion Tomans.

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people indicates the entry of real capital into the stock market. The capital inflow and outflow index at the end of today’s stock exchange reports that 806 billion tomans worth of money has entered the stock market.

The buying wave reached the medium and small stocks of the market

In the reports before the start of the current upward wave of the market, we mentioned that as the total index approaches the historical ceiling, comparing stocks with their historical peak in the summer of 2019 will become one of the ways to buy stocks by the market.

Currently, the wave of buying leftovers from the growth of the market, which started two or three weeks ago, is still continuing in the market. On the other hand, this wave has now reached the medium and smaller stocks of the market, which have a lot of remaining compared to their historical ceiling.

This method for short-term trading can provide the opportunity to choose a portfolio and obtain returns, but shareholders should be careful that some symbols were in a heavy bubble at the ceiling of 99 and probably do not have a fundamental justification for those price levels even now. Therefore, such shares will not be considered by investors.

The highest and lowest productivity of industries

At the end of today’s trading flow of the capital market, telecommunications, leasing and coal groups gave the highest returns to their shareholders with 5.6%, 5.4% and 5.18% respectively.

On the other hand, nowadays there are less industries with negative returns; The printing industry was the only industry in Tehran Stock Exchange that had a negative return.

Inflow and outflow of money by industries

Among the green hand market today, after fixed income funds with 398 billion tomans inflow of money, the computer group accounted for the most money inflow of 222 billion tomans.

Also, on the other hand, multi-disciplinary industrial activities experienced the largest outflow of money among industries with 63 billion Tomans.

Entry and exit of money

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