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Announcement of Bank Melli Iran ‌; No property has been handed over to the owners

According to the Iran Economist, following the publication of an interview with a law enforcement authority regarding the delivery of currency and coins discovered by thieves of Bank Melli Iran rental funds, Bank Melli Iran announces the following to enlighten public opinion and inform property owners:

1- In order to protect the rights of the owners of the stolen property, the inventory and inventory of the discovered items, including coins, currency and gold artifacts, under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, the investigating investigator and the police, were collected and evaluated and handed over to Bank Melli It has become Iran.

It is worth mentioning that so far no items have been delivered to any of the property owners; Therefore, while not confirming this part of the published news, Bank Melli Iran announces that according to the judicial order, any assignment and delivery of property is possible only after the application of judicial procedures and in accordance with the order of the investigating investigator. Speed ​​is being reviewed and tracked.

2- Considering the mixing of the stolen property, the trial court has quickly, accurately and seriously initiated the necessary measures to separate, determine the duties of the property and its owners, and certainly the results and the process of identifying and delivering it directly to any One of the property owners will arrive and the prosecutor’s office will pay attention to the statements and opinions of potential stakeholders, so we ask all stakeholders in the case to pay attention only to the direct information of the prosecutor’s office and the official announcement of Bank Melli Iran on the bank’s website.

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