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Announcement of the names of the nominees of the Iranian cinema competition section of the Children’s Film Festival

The names of the nominees of the Iranian Cinema Competition of the 35th International Festival of Children and Youth Films of Iran have been announced.

Charso Press: According to the information and media communication headquarters of the festival, the aforementioned candidates were introduced as follows:

Candidates for the long fiction section

A) Nominee for the best film

1. “Ilya, the search for a hero” produced by Seyed Ali Mousavinejad

2. “Singo” produced by Iraj Mohammadi

3. “My Hero” produced by Morteza Atashzamzam and Mohsen Atashzamzam

4. “Queen Alishon” produced by Ebrahim Nouravar Mohammad

5. “Asteroid” produced by Mehdi Hosseini Vand

B) Best Director nominees

1. “Morteza Ataz-Zamzam” for directing the movie “My Hero”

2. “Mohammed Hamzaei” for directing the movie “Captain”

3. “Babek Khajepasha” for directing the film “In the embrace of the tree”

4. “Ebrahim Nouravar Mohammad” for directing the movie “Queen Alishon”

5. “Mehdi Hosseinivand” for directing the movie “Asteroid”

C) Nominees for the best screenplay

1. “Syed Ali Mousavinejad” for the screenplay “Ilya, the search for a hero”

2. “Lila Nikzad” for the script of “Singu”

3. “Morteza Ataz-Zamzam” for the script of “My Hero”

t) Candidates for the best child and adolescent actor

1. “Amirreza Esmaili” for the movie “Queen Alishon”

2. “Hadith Abu Safi” for the movie “Singo”

3. “Amir Hossein Bayat” for the movie “Captain”

4. “Niko Heshmat” for the movie “My Hero”

5. “Ebrahim Zarouzehi” for the movie “Asteroid”

6. “Rayan Lotfi” for the movie “In the embrace of the tree”

e) Candidates for the best technical or artistic achievement

1. :Ali Uftari” for the visual effects of the movie “Alpha and the Destroyer Robot”

2. “Ebrahim Nouravar Mohammad” for the visual effects and cinematography of the movie “Queen Alishon”

3. “Syed Ali Mousavinejad” for the visual effects of the movie “Ilya, the search for a hero”

The closing ceremony of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Teenagers will be held on Thursday evening, October 20 of this year, at Kausar Hall in Isfahan.

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