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Announcing the names of the winners of the first lottery of Hamiyar Bimah Mellat festival

According to the financial news report According to Mellat Insurance Public Relations, the Hamyar festival, one of whose goals is to increase the share of retail sales of engineering, freight, liability, life, accident and fire insurance policies, recognized its winners in September and October.

In the lottery of this festival, which was held at the place of Mellat insurance conferences, 6 real insurers were determined by lottery among the buyers of September and October.

Setara Aghakhani Parveen, the cash winner, Lafteh Moghadam, the winner of the insurance policy purchase bin, and Mehshad Ashrafpour, the life insurance purchase bin winner, were in the Shahrivar lottery, and Jafar Osmani Asl, the cash winner, Qasim Madani Naqabi, the insurance policy purchase bin winner, and Eliza Moradi Syed Abad also won life insurance in the October lottery.

Hamiyar Bimah Mellat festival has started from the first of September and continues until the end of December.

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