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Appointment of the President of the “First National Conference on Law and Media”

According to Fars News Agency, Peyman Jebli, the head of the national media, appointed Hassan Grossi, the legal and parliamentary affairs deputy of the Radio and Television, as the chairman of the “First National Conference on Law and Media”.

In part, the ruling reads: “At this critical juncture, when the national media is confronted with hostile and unilateral US sanctions, the brutality of anti-regime networks, and the onslaught of false media outlets in cyberspace, the conference can Explaining the legal status of the organization as well as achieving the latest findings of legal research in the field of media, brought great achievements in the field of domestic and international law for the national media.

The first National Conference on Law and Media will be held soon, and a call for papers for researchers interested in law and media will be made public.

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