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Appreciation of “Salam Commander” in Ammar Festival

According to the film reporter of Fars News Agency, the opening of the Ammar Film Festival was held on Wednesday, January 14, in Shahcheragh Shrine, and the winners were honored.

One of the notable acknowledgments of this ceremony was the donation of gloves by Nene Esmat to the head of Salam Commandant group.

Hojjat al-Islam Naimi, head of Salam Commander production group, was honored in this ceremony. Nene Esmat’s glove is a symbol of a mother who used to weave yarn gloves and send them to the fronts to help the Islamic warriors during the war.

This award is given every year at the Ammar People’s Film Festival to a work that was specially produced in the Islamic Revolution Front.

Hojat al-Islam Naimi, the supervisor of the production of the song “Salaam Farmande” also said in this ceremony: This project was produced to create a good moment, which started in the middle of Sha’ban 1401 and was well received.

He continued: With the images they send us, this hymn has been imitated by more than 500 groups and has been sung in eleven languages ​​and 21 dialects of the world. According to the narration, Hazrat Wali Asr (AS) needs ten thousand loving soldiers to appear next to the 313 commanders, and in the middle of Sha’ban this year, we will present the greetings of the commander with ten thousand people. Naimi expressed: I present the award. To all the 80s and 90s who loved in the cold and heat, people came to the square and read the commander’s greetings, as well as the respected families of the martyrs.

In addition, the gift of the cassocks and clothes of the servant of Hazrat Shahcheragh (pbuh) by the son of Shahcheragh (pbuh) from the martyr of Shahcheragh (pbuh) to Ashraf Al-Tamimi, the poet of the song Salam Commander in Iraq, and the performance of the Lebanese version of “Salaam Commander” by Ashraf Al-Tamimi and the hymn groups present at the festival It was also one of the most important parts of this ceremony.

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