Approval of the rural housing construction loan within the next 10 days – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, Majid Jodi, Deputy of Rural Housing of the Housing Foundation, said: Currently, the rural housing construction loan is 200 million tomans, which we hope will be approved by the government board in 10 days this year.

According to the Deputy of Rural Housing of the Housing Foundation, the cooperation of the banks for the payment of construction facilities has been good and according to the latest statistics, 170,000 people have signed contracts.

He said: The facility of 200 million tomans is with an interest rate of 5% and if the amount of rural housing construction loans increases, we will try not to put too much of a financial burden on this sector.

The Deputy of Rural Housing of the Housing Foundation emphasized: We hope that in 10 days, with the approval of this facility in the government board, we will witness the realization of the goal of renovation and retrofitting of 200,000 rural housing units in the country’s villages. (Reporters’ Club)

Will the amount of rural housing construction loan increase?

Tejarat News wrote in a report: The rural housing construction loan was approved by the Council of Ministers at the beginning of November last year and its ceiling was set at 200 million Tomans, but now there have been news about increasing the ceiling of this facility for some time now. Mehrdad Bazarpash, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, has also stated in this regard: Currently, the rural housing loan is 200 million tomans and we will do our best to increase this figure in coordination with the banks. We approve in the Money and Credit Council and the government to increase the share of rural loans.

Although the increase in the ceiling of supporting loans in the field of housing purchase and construction can be good news for construction applicants, but now it is not so easy to get a loan in the country, especially in the field of housing.

The main issue in this field is the banks’ claim that they do not have enough credit to pay for the facility. Salehi, the new head of the Housing Foundation, has announced that 50,000 cases are in the process of receiving a loan of 200 million for rural housing, but the quota for 1402 has not yet been notified to the banks.

Of course, as it was said, the rural housing construction loan is not the only facility related to the housing sector that the applicants have to run to get it, and in the end, when they face the closed door of credits, they have to look for another way to provide the cost of building and buying a house.

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