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Arabshahi: The leak of violations from the dear federation – the servant is for personal gain / People who received the envelope must be held accountable

In an interview with a sports reporter of Fars News Agency, Seyed Zia Arabshahi, about the state of preparation of our national football team for the 2022 World Cup and the emergence of teams such as New Zealand, Costa Rica, Peru, etc. as preparatory game options for students Dragan Skocic said: “I was one of the people who supported Skochic from the beginning of his activity in the national team because he was a carpenter and without a margin. However, some were looking for people who, despite being in the national team, did not do anything special for us. Now we have to support Skocic and hold good training camps and games, not play with 3rd and 4th world teams. The national team needs to play friendly matches with world-class teams.

* Iran can be a surprise in the World Cup

“Football is very different now than it was 20 years ago, and teams are getting closer,” he said. I dare say that the children of our national team, most of whom are legionnaires in European teams, if they play in friendly matches with good teams, they will believe in themselves and get the ideal mental and psychological conditions to play with a team like England. In this case, we can make a surprise in the 2022 World Cup and climb out of our group.

* The national team must be prepared to prove itself as the top team in Asia at the World Cup

The former national team player added: “Although New Zealand is not a high level team, its style of play is similar to England. This game can help us. England also has fewer stars in recent years and relies on teamwork than in previous years when Kelly had a star in his squad and relied on them. Of course, we also have to play with the tough Latin American and Concafe teams. The national team does not need to play with low-level teams. We have to prepare so that we can prove ourselves in the World Cup and say that it is not without reason that we are the first in Asia. We can have a lot to say at the World Cup.

* Be accountable for the violations of the dear servant of the people who took the envelope from him

Arabshahi on the issue of paying large salaries and bonuses to Shahab Azizi Khadem, Mojtaba Khorshidi and some managers and advisers during the term of the deposed president of the Football Federation replied: In this case, there should be responsible people who pretend to be healthy and competent, but for Voting for Azizi Khadem was taken from him. Just as our former teammate in Persepolis during his tenure at the club even paid for his socks and suit from the club’s account, Azizi Khadem and his entourage also transferred large sums of money to the federation. No one spoke out until the documents of these violations were revealed.

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* Azizi Khadem lobbied for rent and became the president of the federation and petrochemical companies

He added: “Now the ethics committee and even the inspection organization must come to work and investigate these violations.” Why should a person who has just reached the chair of the federation and important petrochemical companies by lobbying and renting the money that belongs to the federation give so easily to those around him? Why should Mojtaba Khorshidi be rewarded with nearly one billion tomans without the approval of the board of directors of the football federation and only with the opinion of the president of the federation? I was one of the people who criticized the selection of Khurshidi in the national team at the beginning and said, “Where is our football that should be the head of the national team?”

* The leak of violations from Azizi Khadem Federation is for personal interests

The former player of our national football team continued: “Unfortunately, 80-90% of our managers have a mask on their face and their hand is in the same bowl with the program manager.” Our football is run by a mafia network. This is the situation now. They have to evacuate the federation from the first to the fifth floor. Why didn’t they form the assembly sooner and postpone it until 10 June? One has to be in charge of the ethics committee and the disciplinary committee, because sometimes we also see them as immoral. Even now, the documents that came out of the violations of Azizi Khadem Federation are due to the fact that some people are seeking their own benefit. Otherwise, such documents would not have come out so easily.

* We did not receive any money from the national team, but now the money goes to the likes of Khorshidi and Azizi Khadem
Arabshahi pointed out: I was a national team player for 12 years. I played in three Asian Cups and two Asian Games. If we had not boycotted the Olympics, I could have played in these competitions for two seasons, because we won the Olympic qualifiers and we were even in the army for five months, but 5 to 10 days before the start of the Moscow and Los Angeles Olympics, we boycotted these games. I left my wife and children for six months to participate in the national team camp for the flag of our country, but I did not take any money from the national team without complaining so that the money would reach the likes of Khursheed and Aziz Khadem?

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* They came to football in the name of other things, but only filled their pockets

He added: “Of course, I am confident in this issue that the board of directors of the federation has also received a good reward.” According to FIFA law, we should have received money for attending the camp, but we did not complain about not receiving money for paying homage to the Iranian flag. However, the men who have come to football in the name of other things are filling their pockets. I ask the inspection organization to stop such incidents. On what account should Azizi Khadem and his advisers and the head of the national team receive such money?

* In order not to see some people, an assembly must be formed quickly

The former Persepolis player replied that the current members of the board of directors of the Football Federation are also expected to publish their salaries for transparency: Most of the members of the board of directors are not footballers, but the same footballer who is now the head of the federation does not have the necessary expertise to manage this complex. And according to some connections with special people, one of whom is a local child, he reached this position. The salaries of the board members should also be published. The assembly must be formed quickly so that we no longer see Azizi Khadem, his entourage and the current members of the board of directors in this assembly. Why should great people like Miley Kohan, Mohammad Dadkan, etc. sit outside? Of course, they have formed a technical committee with the presence of football players, which is also a way to avoid getting lost.

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