Lyon’s home victory over Monopoly

According to Tasnim news agency, in the first game of the 34th week of the French first division football league, today (Saturday) the guest Lyon football team defeated its Monopoly team with a decisive result of 5: 2.

Musa Dembele in the 26th minute, Thiago Mendes in the 43rd minute, Hawsem Ouar scored twice in the 63rd and 90 + 2 minutes and Carl Toko Akambi in the 68th minute, and Elie Wahi in the 45 + 1 minute and Teddy Savanner in the 45 + 4 minutes. (Penalty) Monopoly scored two goals. With this result, Lyon gained 52 points and climbed to the eighth place in the table. Monopoly remained in 11th place with 42 points.

Following on the games of the 34th week of the Champions League, two more games will be played today, with Monaco hosting Monaco in the first at 21:30 and Paris Saint-Germain hosting Lance in the second at 23:30. The Parisians will claim their championship by earning even one point from this game.

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