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Asia Insurance has fully realized its operational plan

Massoud Badin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Asia Insurance, said in a meeting of the Board of Directors: “Despite the challenges and difficulties in the market, Asia Insurance was able to produce in the first nine months of 1400.” Reach the total production last year and bring a great achievement.
He added: “During this period, we were able to have significant growth in financial and insurance indicators such as market share, loss ratio, bank and stock exchange deposits and investments, and technical reserves.”
Referring to the very clear outlook for the country’s largest private insurance company, Massoud Badin stated: “We hope to set new records in the company’s activities by the end of the year.”
In this meeting, the CEO of Asia Insurance appreciated and thanked the unique efforts of the company, especially the employees and the sales network in realizing the nine-month plan of Asia Insurance.
The Vice President of Asia Insurance also stressed the need for greater coordination between management, sales network and other parts of the company to attract portfolios and pay attention to the composition and risk of portfolios, and the need to pay damages and honor insurers is essential. read.
It is worth mentioning that the meeting of the Asian Insurance Managers Council was held online and was attended by members of the Board of Directors, Deputy Managing Directors, Managers, Advisors and Representatives of the Managing Director, Deputy Managers and supervisors of the ten regions. In this meeting, issues related to the nine-month performance and future plans of the company in the last quarter of the year were discussed and the CEO of Asia Insurance provided the necessary guidelines in this regard.

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