Asian Championship Cup in the hands of home appliance taekwondo fighters

According to IRNA, this morning’s competition was attended by 106 taekwondo fighters in the form of 17 teams from 11 countries: Iran, India, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, UAE and refugees, hosted by the Iranian Taekwondo Federation at home. Taekwondo started, and in the end, the home taekwondo men of Cannes, like the women’s team of this club, won the first title.

The team won one gold, five silver and two bronze medals with a total of 441 points and won the championship.

Farmaniyeh finished runner-up with 3 gold, 1 silver and 436 points, and Uzbekistan A finished third with 1 gold, 1 bronze and a total of 158 points.

The second Uzbek team finished fourth with one gold, one bronze and 154 points.

The best of the 11th round of the Asian Club Cup:

The most technical taekwondo fighter: Ulbek Rashidov (Uzbekistan)

Best Coach: Mohammad Reza Zavar (Home Appliances)

Best judges: Hesamuddin Kateb (Jordan), Abolfazl Khodaei and Ebrahim Khavari (Iran)

Ethics Cup: India

Best Supervisor: Sayed Fahd Shah (Pakistan)

Top people of different weights:

Weight 54 kg:

1- Amir Abbas Rahnama (now home appliances)

2- Hossein Lotfi (Farmaniyeh)

3- Laith Al-Rashed (Jordan) and Ali Tavakoli (Varamin Municipality)

Weight 58 kg:

1- Mohammad Sadegh Dehghani (Farmaniyeh)

Ali Asghar Moradian (Varamin Municipality)

3- Matin Rezaei (Home Appliances) – Mohsen Rezaei (Afghanistan)

Weight 63 kg:

1- Soroush Ahmadi-Farmaniyeh

2- Zida Al-Halawani (Jordan)

3- Farzan Ashourzadeh (home appliances) and Pasha Attaroudi (Amaniyeh, Iraq)

Weight: 68 kg:

1- Olegbek Rashidov (Uzbekistan)

2- Mohammad Hossein Zahedi (accessories)

3- Erfan Bozorgi (Varamin Municipality) and Yarasli Arapbay (Kazakhstan)

Weight 74 kg:

1- Daniel the Great (Commandment)

2- Mohammad Mehdi Emadi (home appliances)

3- Seyed Omid Hosseini (Al-Basra, Iraq) and Jorbak Junov (Uzbekistan)

Weight 80 kg:

1- Shawrat Salao (Uzbekistan)

2- Arian Salimi (home appliances)

3- Massoud Khoshniat (Afghanistan) and Nerlan Mirzabiyev (Kazakhstan)

Weight 87 kg:

1- Ismail Disbay (Kazakhstan)

2- Mehran Barkhordari (home appliances)

3- Nikita Rafalovich (Uzbekistan) and Fahd Sabri (Jordan)

Weight +87 kg:

1- Arash Tannery Tafreshi (UAE)

2- Sajjad Mardani (household appliances)

3- Ali Ahmadi (Varamin Municipality) and Ali Ahmadi (Varamin Municipality)

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