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Asian games Emami won the first gold medal in freestyle wrestling

According to Fars correspondent from China, the freestyle wrestling matches of the Hangzhou Asian Games were followed in the final 4 weights, where Younes Emami competed in the final.

In the weight of 74 kg, after taking a break in the first round, Yunus Emami defeated Oruzo Bek Toktumambtov from Kyrgyzstan in the second round with a score of 7:2. At this stage, he defeated Liu Feng from China with a score of 10-2 and went to the semi-finals.

At this stage, he defeated Magomet Oliv from Tajikistan with a score of 9-3 and qualified for the finals. In this match, Emami faced Kairin Kinoshita from Japan, who won 9-0 and won the gold medal.

With this medal, Emami brought the number of gold medals in our country to 10, so that our country’s gold medals become two-digit.

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