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Establishment of Iranian insurance culture house

According to the report of the financial news, quoting from the public relations of Iran Insurance, Daud Sayah, the general director of public relations and international affairs, said during the visit: “Many of the actions that have been taken in the last year were based on the slogan “we can do it”. Because we owe Iran insurance.

He added: The “Establishment of Iran’s Insurance Culture House” plan was formed in order to develop the insurance culture and familiarize people with Iran’s insurance services, many of which were presented for the first time in the history of the country’s insurance industry, so that for the first time in the country’s insurance industry, local For the general public to visit the date of establishment, launch the services of issuance and payment of losses by an Iranian insurance company.

Sayah named the most important achievement of Iran Insurance Culture House as the establishment of Iran Insurance Museum, Iran Insurance Library and recording the oral history of Iran Insurance and said: Culture House is one of the honors of Iran Insurance’s big family to show the great works of the company’s veterans to the current generation, which The effort of the General Department of Public Relations and International Affairs was done and I expect you, as public relations ambassadors, to increase the effectiveness and development of the activities of this cultural center by introducing it to insurance providers and colleagues in the provinces.

On the sidelines of this visit, Kaousi, the head of Iran Insurance House, referring to the support of Hassan Sharifi, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Iran Insurance for the establishment of Farhang House, said: Farhang House is a symbol and a certificate of Iran’s proud history of insurance, and we are currently in this Cultural Center, we have collected more than 12 thousand volumes, some of these books have been cataloged and categorized as insurance and non-insurance reference books in English, French and Farsi for the use of people and researchers in the insurance industry.

He further added: “Khane Farhang is a place to record the collective memories of the proud history of Iran’s insurance, which during its activity has taken many measures to provide insurance services to the people of our country, and some of these services are exposed to the public in the form of photos and posters. Among them, we can provide the product quality assurance insurance policy for the testing company in 1338, the image of the Iran Insurance Palace in Saadi, the building of Iran’s number one insurance hospital to provide insurance coverage to employees and workers covered by medical insurance. The paintings of Estad Ebrahiman, the designer of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan, the 700-room hotel of Iran and Japan on 30 floors, the picture of the payment check for the heavy damage of Boali Petrochemical, the condition of Sabzeh Square and the Iranian insurance market branch, the ownership registration of Nazi Abad village in the 1930s,… .

It should be mentioned that Seyyed Abbas Faraji, Deputy General Director of Public Relations and International Affairs, gave full explanations regarding the objectives and programs of this conference and the division of provinces into 5 regions and the selection of regional secretaries, and after the voting, Mohammad Reza Mohammad Hosseini, the secretary of region one, Sheila Sanezadeh, the secretary of the second region, Mohammad Mehdi Aqiqi, the secretary of the third region, Mohammad Shafiei, the secretary of the fourth region, and Mojtabi Haj Hosseini, were selected and introduced as the secretary of the fifth region. The different parts of this cultural center and the awarding of letters of appreciation to the public relations officials of the provinces were the end of the programs of this conference.

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