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Atai had a booklet of justifications/Iran would become the champion of Asia with young people – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

Farhad Neferzadeh In an interview with Mehr reporter, he said about the performance of the Iranian national volleyball team in the Olympic qualifiers: The Olympic qualifiers are the last and fourth tournament of the national team this year. technical staff They had comprehensive and complete information about these competitions and the conditions of the teams. The plan of the national team to participate in these competitions was already known and to one load They were not in its conditions.

The youth team too Hangzhou He would become a hero

He said: Considering the previous two tournaments (League of Nations and Asian Championship), the national team could participate in the Asian Games with a number of other players. Hangzhou The participation was slow and the technical staff only used the main players in the final stage. In this situation, the players were less tired due to the distance and the games they had played.

The volleyball expert said: In the Asian Games Hangzhou Except for China, all the teams came to the field with reserve players, and they were not at the level of the Iranian national team. With these conditions, the youth team has the power to defeat these teams in the Asian Games Hangzhou had

Germany was not our opponent that we lost in the first game

Neferzadeh He said: Travel and road fatigue are also an algebraic issue and almost some teams like Qatar had similar conditions with the Iranian team. The game against Germany was very strategic and important for our team for several reasons; One is because our main opponent in this tournament was not Germany and Italy and Brazil were strong opponents in this group. The national team lost to Germany, which is not one of the contenders for promotion.

He said: “Perhaps the loss of the national team against Brazil and Italy was justified.” But the national team lost to Germany, which had managed to defeat this team a few months ago in the League of Nations. According to the head coach of the team, Iranian players in many situations error prone appeared and performed poorly. Iran’s players worked poorly in defense on the net, attack, attack, and possession. The national team could have acted with a better plan so that at least they would have started the first game with a win.

The unplannedness of the technical staff is clearly evident in the composition of the team

Neferzadeh One of the weaknesses of the national team is the lack of a fixed composition. Stated: Iranian volleyball has many players in many positions and almost technical staff Very open to player choice. Of course, I don’t mean that the current composition of the national team has a problem, the people who were selected for the composition of the team are good volleyball players. I am talking about the number of volleyball players in the country who have a lot of choice technical staff Gives.

He said: In the national team, what was very evident was the lack of planning in the selection of players. In the League of Volleyball Nations, in the first match against Japan, the national team started with Javad Karimi, Manavinejad, Pouria Khanzadeh, Esfandiar. In the second week, Wadi was replaced and Manani Nejad was completely removed from the team. So that he was angered and had no place in the team. If Poriya Khanzadeh, who could play against Japan as a youth player in the League of Nations, why didn’t he play in the next tournaments such as the Asian Championship, the Asian Games and the match against Germany in the Olympic qualifiers. In fairness, his performance was acceptable in the League of Nations, except for the first game against Japan, where he was a little inexperienced. One of the problems of the national team was not having a fixed composition. In every tournament and every match, Atai would change the composition of the players and this issue had created unplannedness and challenges in the team.

If Abadipour was good, why did they remove him after the Asian Championship?

Iranian volleyball expert said: The national team played with a new composition in every tournament. We included Milad Ebadipour in the national team for the Asian Championship, but he was removed from the national team for the Olympic selection. If Milad Abadipour was good, why did you eliminate him after the Asian Championship?! Or why in the League of Nations, the head coach of the team kept giving interviews and pointed out the absence of Ebadipour as the star of the team. Homayunfermanesh He becomes a constant player of the team. After the League of Nations, Esfandiar was left out of the team and was added again and played as a regular player in the Olympic selection.

We advance to the Olympics, but the team’s performance worsens

He said: repeated changes in the composition of the team showed. technical staff Couldn’t find a consistent lineup in two years. That’s why we saw many changes in the team composition. At the time of the League of Nations, I had predicted that the Iranian team would not be able to win the championship in the Asian Championship with the participation of Japan. I had already predicted that we would face many problems in Brazil. Because the team’s trend was downward. Of course, the national team will make it to the Olympics one hundred percent, but the team’s performance in the Olympics will be worse.

Atai had a book of explanations/ Iran would become the champion of Asia with the youth

A gift for every loss, a booklet from justifications has it

He about technical performance technical staff He said: When the head coach of the national team had conditions for one or two years but did not move forward according to the goals and plans, changes should have been made earlier and there was no problem. Amanat national team was in the hands of the head coach. members technical staff They are respectable and they tried their best, but some issues do not go forward. This does not mean that people are good or bad. I don’t know why some people are so guarded about these things. Each time the team gave up the result technical staff He had a booklet to justify it and put forward several reasons. If other people did not accept these subjects.

Neferzadeh He said: Some people thought that I had an affair with Behrouz Atai, but this was not the case at all. He was hardworking and knowledgable, but we have to accept that sometimes things don’t go well, and that doesn’t mean that people are bad. Atai had a club team and led the national team for several years, he worked hard, but change is natural in professional sports.

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