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The decline in battery health of the new iPhones is probably due to poor quality

In the past, the iPhone was considered one of the best phones in terms of battery life. But since the release of the iPhone 14 last year, criticisms have been heard about the rapid decline in battery health of these phones. Now with the arrival of the iPhone 15 series in the market, a report has been published that claims that the battery health of the iPhone 14 and 15 deteriorates faster than the 13 series, due to the use of low-quality batteries.

What is the reason for the rapid deterioration of iPhone 14 and 15 battery health?

A knowledgeable source on the X social network named RGcloud It is claimed that the average battery life cycle of old iPhones, such as the iPhone 13 series, is equal to 800 cycles. But this life cycle in newer iPhones is only about 600 cycles. As a result, the health of the battery decreases sooner.

This issue was clearly seen when a group of iPhone 14 users reported in early August that their battery health had reached 88%. As a result, there were questions about this among users.

The decline in battery health of the new iPhones is probably due to poor quality 2

Although the current report seems reasonable, RGcloud has not provided evidence to prove its claim. Therefore, it cannot be fully confirmed. On the other hand, considering that Apple has not announced anything about this, we cannot be sure of these talks.

If the decline in iPhone battery health is not related to the quality of this part, this decline could be related to the brightness of the iPhone 14 Pro screen, which is almost doubled compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, and as a result puts more pressure on the battery.

In addition, according to Apple’s official information, the iPhone battery is designed in such a way that it can still maintain up to 80% of its capacity after 500 full charging cycles. Additionally, AppleCare+ subscribers can get their iPhone’s battery replaced for free if it reaches less than 80% health in the first year of purchase.

But if the current report is correct, it may be said that the Cupertinos have started using these batteries to reduce production costs.

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