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According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the American magazine “AtlanticBy publishing an analytical article written by “David E. Gram”, he addressed the issue of political divisions within the United States of America. This article asserts that intense partisan conflicts between Democrats and Republicans, as well as a constant shift in the balance of power, have become the new normal for Americans, turning this country into a “divided state of America.”

Election controversies; America’s unretouched policy

The author says: The recent 2022 US midterm elections reveal a lot about the naked, deeply divisive and disturbing politics of the US over the past few years. Although the final balance of power in the US Congress and Senate will not be known for days, or in some cases weeks, early results indicate that Republicans are likely to regain control of the House of Representatives, while It is still too early to predict the shape of the balance of power in the Senate. Now the achievements of the Republican Party in Congress [کپیتال هیل] The title and main line for urgent politics in the current situation is; Because the Republicans’ lead means that US President Joe Biden will not be able to pass his priorities through the congressional barrier and will face new investigations and monitoring.

When political competition in America goes out of order…

In the continuation of this report, it is stated: But the first round of the results of the American mid-term elections point to a smaller victory than imagined and less than the expectations of the Republicans; Certainly, these votes were less than some Republican party leaders expected. But it may still be the best midterm performance by a party since 2002, before incumbent Biden. Several factors may explain the poor performance of the Republicans in this election race; Factors including weak candidates, the reaction to the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning abortion rights and continued outrage from former President Donald Trump.

Atlantic; "Divided States of America" ​​| Fars news

The author added: “Relatively small changes in America, despite high inflation, widespread economic turmoil and weak domestic data in favor of Biden, show how slow and slow American politics has become and resists big changes even in times of turmoil and resentment.” One of the signs of this new situation is that the results in different regions of the country look more different than the previous elections. Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state of Florida in the Republican Party, Charlie Crist, the former governor and the current representative of the state in the House of Representatives, surpassed Trump in this state in 2020 with a double-digit difference; Senator Marco Rubio also won an easy victory over Democrat Val Demings.

However, even as Republicans did well in the Sunshine State, their gains elsewhere fell far short of expectations. Jennifer Waxton and Abigail Spanberger, both Virginia Democrats, were expected to win. Other Democrats who expected to struggle were on track to win their races. In Ohio, Republican JD Vance was expected to beat Democrat Tim Ryan for a Senate seat; But Democrats have won many of the state’s most competitive House races.

Atlantic; "Divided States of America" ​​| Fars news

This author noted: America is divided in many ways, and forecasts and polls also point to many of these internal divisions. Historically, elections in fair contests tend to split in one direction, with whichever party has the better night winning the vast majority; Because voters in different states and regions respond to many basic principles and demands in the same way. However, the national problems and difficulties for the two parties so far in 2022 will be divided and take a different form; One important reason is that voters of both parties see elections not only as opportunities to shape the government’s policy directions, but as existential battles.

Vote for the crazy and embrace the conflict; America is divided in many ways

He continues: President Biden and former US President Barack Obama have warned in recent days that the fate of democracy in the United States is at risk in this mid-term election; Trump has warned in the past that Democrats want to destroy America as we know it. Despite the rhetorical similarity of these threats, only one person – Trump – sought to subvert the electoral system and incite mobs to violently attack the Capitol. Endorsements for Trump meant that voters were willing to side with candidates who were clearly unqualified or whose sanity was questionable, rather than leaning toward another extreme or simply staying home. This is why the predictions show that even considering the fact that these elections are midterms, the participation of the people in these elections will be very high.

Atlantic; "Divided States of America" ​​| Fars news

In their latest book, The Bitter End, political scientists John Sides, Chris Tuzanovich, and Lynn Wavrick write: “Just as calcification acts on the body and causes stiffness and immobility, people become more fixed in their places. and it is more difficult for them to get away from their tendencies and actions; Increasing hardness and inflexibility is a logical consequence of increasing polarization. New events show that people tend to integrate into the axis of conflict, where identity plays a central role. This means less fluctuation in election results from year to year.”

In the end, the analyst of the American parliament points out: these strange events and surprising choices are not due to the voters’ preference and prioritization of the cooperation between the two parts of the Washington government or the two parties; Rather, it is the ups and downs of tough competition in a country that is deeply divided in many ways. In fact, Americans’ support for compromise with the other side has declined dramatically. Regardless of the parties and politicians who come to work, America will have a divided government and nation in Washington. Therefore, even if the results of these American elections are extremely close and similar, they will still have consequences such as extreme divisions and divisions; Change and transformation also seems unlikely in the perspective of this situation.

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