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On the first working day of the week, the competition council removed sales methods in a directive for the supply of cars in the stock market; However, the spokesperson of the economic committee of the parliament announced that car manufacturers are obliged to be listed on the stock market.

According to Tejarat News, on Sunday, the Competition Council canceled the sale of cars in the Commodity Exchange in an instruction.

Mehdi Taghiani, the spokesperson of the Economic Commission of the Parliament, regarding the meeting of the Consolidation Commission, said: What was approved by the Consolidation Commission was that car manufacturers are obliged to offer all cars on the commodity exchange, and the base price is determined by the Competition Council and based on the Cast Plus method. cost plus) will be done.

The spokesperson of the Economic Commission of the Parliament announced the approval of the commission regarding the obligation to supply all cars in the commodity exchange and determine the base price by the competition council according to the Cost Plus method.

He further added: The decision to supply cars in the commodity exchange is taken from the competition council and will be entrusted to the commodity exchange.

The member of the parliament’s unification commission stated: The price of the car will still be determined by the competition council, and all cases will be done according to Article 44 of the constitution.

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