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Balance and price stability in the cement market / the price of each cement package is less than 25 thousand tomans

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, quoting Iran Production and Trade Information Network, Abdolreza Sheikhan said: “After the summer inflammation caused by power outages and reduced production and supply of cement and finally increased prices in this market, the plans of the Ministry of Silence to remove production barriers and solve problems in this sector led to lower prices and balance in the cement market.” .

Referring to the current balance and stability of prices in the market, he noted: “In the current situation, due to the supply of fuel to cement factories and increasing production and supply relative to demand, there is no particular problem in regulating the market for this product.”

The secretary of the Cement Industry Employers’ Association stated: The balance and stability of prices in the cement market will continue if fuel and electricity are stable.

Explaining the current supply and demand in the Commodity Exchange, Sheikhan stated: The price of one ton of packaged cement in the Commodity Exchange is 480,000 Tomans, which puts the price of each pack of cement below 25,000 Tomans.

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