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Bank Mellat performance report up to February 1400

According to the Iran Economist, citing the public relations of Bank Mellat, the financial reports published this month indicate that the total income of Bank Mellat facilities up to February 1400 with a growth of 63% compared to the same period last year from 340,845 Billion rials has reached the amount of 556.785 billion rials;

On the other hand, the surplus of interest-bearing facilities paid to depositors increased by 43% compared to the same period last year from 158.269 billion rials to 226.210 billion rials, which is the highest operating balance recorded among all banks. The country’s stock exchange.
Growth of 56% non-cost deposits in February of this year

In non-costly deposits, the bank was able to grow by 56% compared to the same period last year. Among these, the highest percentage share is related to current Gharz al-Hasna deposits (with a share of 58%), which in February of this year compared to the same period last year with 66% growth from 826.023 billion rials to 1,370, It has reached 158 billion, followed by Gharz al-Hasna foreign currency savings deposits with a share of 25 percent, which has increased by 54% from 353,066 billion rials to 543,039 billion rials.
Webmalt pioneering in profit margins

In the operating balance section, the realization of 25,170 billion rials, the positive monthly operating balance and a total of 226,210 billion rials, has been the result of the admirable performance of Bank Mellat in the first 11 months of 1400. Bank Mellat, with a difference of 121 percent compared to the second bank and with a difference of 769 percent compared to the third bank, has succeeded in snatching the ball of competition from all listed banks.
39% share in deposits with other banks

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In the field of deposits with other banks, Bank Mellat has continued to lead with a balance of 823.265 billion rials until February of this year, and with a significant market share of 39%, has been ranked first among all listed banks. Pasargad Bank with a balance of 518.717 billion rials and having a 24% market share has the second rank and Tejarat Bank with a balance of 279.505 billion rials and has a market share of 13% has the third rank
51% growth in wage earnings

In terms of commission income, by February of this year, Bank Mellat with a brilliant performance has achieved the amount of 44.173 billion rials, which is 51% higher than the total commission income of last year.

Also, net commission income increased from 12.715 billion rials to 25.526 billion rials and reached a significant quorum of 101 percent.

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