Barcelona’s praise of the performance of the goalkeeper of this team / a frame for the museum

According to Mehr reporter, in the 15th week of the Spanish “La Liga”, the “Barcelona” football team hosted “Atletico Madrid” on Sunday evening, and in this match, the “Xavi” students managed to defeat the Madrid opponent with a score of 1-0.

“Barcelona” with 34 points and “Atletico Madrid” with 32 points are third and fourth in the Spanish league. Real Madrid and Girona are in the first and second places with 38 points.

This victory was achieved while the best chance of “Atletico Madrid” was lost in the 80th minute with a spectacular save by the Barcelona goalkeeper. In this scene, a free kick was awarded to the players of “Atletico” behind the penalty area, and “Depay” was behind this kick and passed the ball over the defenders with a precise shot and shot towards the Barcelona goal, but “Inaki Peña” with a The spectacular reaction and the high dive pulled the ball out from under the arch and on the verge of entering the goal, and a spectacular scene took place in the stadium. The moment when “Barcelona” players ran to the goalkeeper on one side of the field and hugged him, and on the other side, it left “Atletico Madrid” players in awe.

The official account of the “Barcelona” club praised its goalkeeper after this match and by publishing a picture of the moment of blocking the ball on the social network “X” (former Twitter) wrote: “This belongs to the museum!”

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