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The ability to send original high-quality photos and videos has been added to the iOS version of WhatsApp

The ability to send original high-quality photos and videos has been added to the iOS version of WhatsApp. Thanks to this feature, send multimedia files up to 2 GB in size.

WhatsApp has provided its iOS users with a new feature that allows them to send original high-quality photos and videos. as WaBetaInfo As of WhatsApp iOS version 23.24.73, users can now easily send all their multimedia files in original quality. This feature actually replaces the compression of all files by the messenger itself.

Until now, only a limited number of beta users could benefit from this feature, but now it is available to all iOS users. If this update has not yet been applied to your messenger, you will definitely receive it in the coming weeks.

How to send original quality photos and videos on WhatsApp?

After receiving, just tap the + icon on the chat screen, select Document option and then “Choose Photo or Video”. Once the file is sent, the recipient can tap on the file to view the images and videos. Therefore, the preview of files that are sent in original quality will not be visible on the chat page. Also, the maximum file size you send will be 2 GB.

Send high-quality original photos and videos in the iOS version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also testing a similar feature for Android users, which is expected to be available to Android users not far from the iOS version.

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In the past, there were solutions to bypass the limitations of this messenger and send original high-quality photos and videos on WhatsApp. For example, users had to manually change the image file extension to PDF or DOC. Then the receiver would manually change it again so that he could see the image in its original quality. Then, starting this summer, the HD Pictures option was added to the messenger, which allowed users to send multimedia files in higher quality than the compressed version. But now this new update will send your photos in the same quality as they are.

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