Barez Industrial Group’s response to the report of TejaratNews – TejaratNews

Barz Industrial Group has sent a response to the Tejaratnews news base for publication in connection with the car tire depot in Barez warehouses and its connection with the increase in the price of radial tires.

According to Tejarat News, the text of Barez’s reply is as follows: “With regards and respect; 1) As can be seen in the reports published in the Kodal system of this company, the amount of production in the first 6 months of 1402 is equal to 41,431,861 kilograms, and the amount of sales in the first 6 months of 1402 is equal to 41,479,805 kilograms. and it shows that this company has sold its entire production amount and has sold more than 47,944 kg, and the use of the word depot in the company’s warehouses in the report is wrong.”

2) In the published reports for September, the production of this company is 8,191,372 kg and its sale is 5,834,274 kg. As financial analysts know, this report is for the period of 06/31/1402 and during those days due to the holidays at the end of September and the beginning of October, the loading and unloading of the company’s products faced problems and considering the daily production of 280 tons of products in day, equivalent to 6 days of the company’s production remained in the warehouse, which has been loaded and distributed since the third day of October, and the use of the title “rubber depot” in the warehouses of the report and Fahim’s readers is misleading.”

“At the end, it should be mentioned that Barez Industrial Group, as the largest producer of automobile tires in Iran, will make every effort to increase the production and supply of tires in order to fulfill the orders of the Supreme Leader in the year of growth of production and control of inflation in order to reduce the inflammation of the market. “

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