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Barzegar: The performance of the ship has gone to the sidelines/ a story of saving the life of the legend of the ship by Yazdani Khorram

According to the Fars news agency, Mansour Barzegar said about the late Yazdani Khoram: I loved him very much and I am indebted to Yazdani Khoram. I had gone to Barazjan and my intestine was torn and I should have died, but Yazdani Khoram interceded and I came to Tehran by air ambulance to be treated. He was a good person who took steps towards the goals of the sports field in which he worked. He was an unassuming manager who was successful wherever he worked and excelled in volleyball.

Regarding whether Yazdani Khorram’s performance in wrestling was as successful as in volleyball, he continued: We did not grow much in wrestling because they took away the “P” clause (money) from him and he was not able to make the same investment as he did in volleyball. Ship also do.

Regarding the fact that Yazdani Khoram had opponents, Barzegar said: When you work in any field, you have opponents. The late Turkan once said something nice to me and said that you work in the pit and we work outside the pit. There was always a manager working on the ship to keep the wheel of the ship turning. When Yazdani Khorram came to the ship, everything was good at first, but he had financial problems and could not be effective in the ship.

This wrestling veteran said about whether Alireza, the secretary of the wrestling federation, was able to gain his satisfaction: “My satisfaction is not important, but the people’s satisfaction is important, but the performance of the wrestling secretary has been marginalized and his behavior is not like that of a diplomat.” In my opinion, the head of the federation should be a diplomat.

In response to the question, why do you think the ship’s dignity has been lost, Barzegar added: I want the ship to have dignity, but now it has no dignity. I don’t want anything for myself because I got everything I wanted with the ship, but now you see who is the helmsman of the ship? Is it the secretary?

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