Biden called on protesters to calm down the right to abortion

According to Fars News Agency’s International Group, US President Joe Biden called on those who intend to protest in response to the US Supreme Court ruling to abolish the right to freedom of abortion.

“Keep all demonstrations peaceful,” Biden said. “Violence is never acceptable.”

The president also sought to make the Supreme Court ruling on abortion an electoral issue. He said the issue of abortion rights is one of the issues that voters should address to officials in the midterm congressional elections.

Democrats have condemned the US Supreme Court ruling, and Republicans have welcomed it. The six judges who opposed the abolition of fetal rights are Donald Trump and George W. Bush, two Republican presidents. Three judges opposed to the ruling are Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The US Supreme Court on Friday ruled in violation of the constitutional right of women to abortion, which has been federally recognized for 50 years.

Six Supreme Court justices today overturned the historic ruling of Roe v. Wade, which had allowed women to have abortions in the first six months of pregnancy since 1973. Three other judges opposed the decision.

The ruling of the US Supreme Court allows each state to choose its own laws to determine when abortion is permitted and when it is illegal.

Nearly half of the states are expected to outlaw or impose severe restrictions on abortion, according to the BBC. Other states are likely to adopt freer laws in this area.

The ruling by the US Supreme Court quickly provoked widespread reactions and was criticized by many political activists in the United States.

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