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Biden, wake up! – IRNA

According to IRNA on Tuesday, “Tom McClintock”, a Republican representative from the state of California, warned that terrorists are entering the territory of the United States and if Biden does not do something, he must admit his crime of betraying the United States in the future. .

The congressman wrote in an article in the Washington Times that Biden turned the conditional, step-by-step US withdrawal plan (designed under the Trump administration) into an unconditional surrender to the Taliban. There has been chaos and insecurity on the southern borders of the United States, so far he has said nothing about possible threats from Afghanistan or the insecure borders of the United States.

“If we look at each of them separately and assume that neither is a threat in its own right, but if we put the situation in Afghanistan and the turmoil on the southern border of the United States together, then the insight,” McClintock wrote in the article. We will see the horror for America, because Americans must then prepare for the days ahead.

Tom McClintock, Republican Representative in California

“The Bagram air base in Afghanistan was a strong point for the US military, apart from the Parwan detention center in Bagram, where about 5,000 to 7,000 ‘terrorists’ were being held,” McClintock wrote in the Washington Times. But Biden instead, without informing the US allies, ordered only a one-time evacuation of the base, much to the surprise of the Afghan government, causing a wave of collapse among Afghan forces.

Leaving billions of dollars of military equipment for the Taliban

Criticizing Biden’s policies, the California envoy wrote: “The sudden withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan not only led to billions of dollars in US equipment falling into the hands of the Taliban, who were attacked by the US to overthrow the 9/11 attacks.” He was a slave, but he freed thousands of dangerous terrorists in the world.

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Terrorists on the way to America

McClintock claims in his article: “At least we know that one of those released from Parwan detention center detonated a bomb at Kabul airport 10 days after his release, killing 13 people. Now we know the fate of thousands of prisoners in Bagram and the detention center.” We do not know Parwan and we do not know what they intend to do, but it can be said that many of them are now on their way to the chaotic borders of the American South, and so far US border patrols have identified a number of them.

Biden, wake up!
Bagram Air Base

He wrote in the article: The Panamanian government recently told Tony Gonzales, a member of the US House of Representatives from Texas, that the country has so far identified 52 known terrorists who intended to enter the United States and thus They have tried to warn the Biden government in this regard.

“Now we do not know how many of these terrorists released from prison and, according to Biden’s policies, have managed to enter the United States since Bagram was released in Afghanistan,” the California congressman wrote in a critical article in the Washington Times. اند.

The Taliban and ISIS are among thousands of people the United States has expelled from Afghanistan

“We still do not know how many Taliban or ISIS extremists are among the more than 100,000 people the United States has expelled from Afghanistan,” said US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Congress stated that not necessarily all those withdrawn from the Afghan territory by the United States, except for forces that had previously cooperated with the United States in Afghanistan.

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America must prepare itself for everything

“Assuming that these terrorists have been able to enter the United States because of the government’s border policies, one should be concerned that American citizens will have to pay for it,” said McClintock. We read that the world will soon be drawn to the United States, if that happens, Joe Biden and his government will be directly responsible.

Mr. Biden, wake him up! Terrorists are on the way

McClintock writes: Mr. Biden, wake up! These terrorists are on their way or, as far as we know, they are going to the United States, and as far as we know, some of them have entered the United States, God bless you! Secure southern borders, scrutinize any asylum applications to the United States, and enforce immigration laws properly; Otherwise, prepare yourself for the historic condemnation that, according to your policies, led to the assassination of the country and its citizens and the betrayal of the highest trust in this land.

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