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Blocking the agent account amount of car applicants until late today

According to the economic reporter of Fars News Agency, the second phase of the car supply started on May 23rd of this year and continued until the end of May 29th.

Investigations show that the accounts of a number of people who have applied for cars at this stage, even though they have been represented, the money in the account has not been blocked yet.

In the contact of the journalists of Fars news agency with the managers of the operating banks, it was found that the amount in the proxy accounts will be blocked by noon and afternoon today, and the applicants should not have any worries about this.

Therefore, according to the report, the amount of account blocking in the second stage of vehicle registration, like the first stage that was held in March of last year, is one billion Rials, equivalent to 100,000,000 Tomans.

The deadline for representation of accounts was announced until May 29.

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