Buy the first launch of the century / AsiaTek?

According to Tejarat News, according to the announcement of the stock exchange company, the first initial public offering of the century will be ordered today from 10:00 to 12:30.

The capital of AsiaTek Data Transfer Company is 30 billion Tomans and 15% of it, which is 12% for the public and 3% for investment funds, will be offered initially today.

A maximum of 400 shares in the price ceiling of 666 Tomans will reach each stock exchange code, which according to this number, the maximum liquidity required is 200 thousand and 64 Tomans.

Asia Tak is offering shares while the future of the Internet in Iran is unknown. The plan to protect, increase the price of the Internet and slow it down in recent months has worried and dissatisfied Internet users.

Initial re-launch of AsiaTek

Asiatek Data Transmission Company, with a capital of 30 billion Tomans, was ready to participate in the stock exchange and offer shares in the fall or winter of 1996 for about five years. Even after inserting the symbol as the five hundred and eighteenth stock exchange company, while publishing all the information in Kadal, on the first of November of the same year, it held an introductory meeting and was placed on the stock exchange board for the first time; But it did not reach the stage of selling shares. (Pulse of the stock exchange)

In the 80’s, Asiak Company was established with an initial capital of 100 million Tomans and increased its capital to 200 billion Tomans in three stages. Combined with 706 manpower, Mehregan Capital Pars Investment Companies with 33%, Rasa Sazeh Pi Kavan Maham with 14.5%, Information and Communication Technology Strategy with 12.8% and Arta Idea Nafis with 10.9%. Have.

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According to the experts of this company, according to the development plans in the field of data center services, the capital increase will be at least 50 billion Tomans from the shareholders’ claims and will bring cash after the initial public offering during the legal process.

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