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By 2027, folding mobile phones will account for about 5% of the market share

Folding smartphones are the focus of some users. In its new report, Trendforce predicts that by 2027, foldable phones will take over 5 percent of the global mobile market.

It is expected by the end of 2023 Supply of folding phones to reach 18.3 million units in the market. If this happens, by the end of this year, the market share of folding phones will be about 1.6% of the mobile market share. However, it seems that this number will grow until 2027 and reach 70 million folding devices. In this case, the market share of folding mobile phones will grow from 1.6% at the end of this year to about 5% at the end of 2027.

The growing trend of the market share of folding phones

Trendforce has also predicted the market situation in the period from 2023 to 2027. In the relevant report, it is said that probably in 2024, the amount of foldable phones will reach 25.2 million units, which is a 38% increase in the amount of foldable mobile phones. If this happens, the market share of folding mobile phones will reach 2.2% at the end of 2024.

The question may arise, what is the reason for this increase in demand and growth in the foldable phone market? It seems that the number of users who prefer to use foldable mobile phones is increasing. Also, the increase in the price of folding mobile phones can be one of the reasons why some users want to buy such devices. By reducing the cost of production, the final price of the product will decrease, and this issue can encourage consumers to buy a folding machine.

It seems that more foldable smartphones will be released by other companies in the coming years. In fact, both the competition for the quality and the price of the product will increase and more Chinese manufacturers will join the folding mobile market.

TrendForce predicts that Samsung will continue to be the leader in the sale of foldable mobile phones and is expected to sell 12.5 million foldable mobile phones this year. In this case, it takes two-thirds of the market share of folding phones.

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