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Carrying out 169 visits to welfare service complexes of Alborz highway during Nowruz days

According to the Aria Heritage report, citing the public relations of Alborz Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts General Directorate, the Nowruz special road project that started on March 24 last year and was implemented until April 15, 1402. In order to serve Nowruz travelers and with the aim of implementing this plan as best as possible, before the start of Nowruz trips, the welfare service complexes of this province took special measures to welcome Bahar and Nowruz travelers.

In order to improve the level of service to road users during Nowruz, a special monitoring was done in the form of multiple visits on the performance of the complexes.

In these visits, the condition of the prayer room, restaurant, restrooms, store, access road, proper space creation and general cleanliness of inter-road welfare service complexes were examined.

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