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Children’s production was weak in the last decade/ holding specialized webinars – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

Referring to the formation of an association in the field of children and media, Mahmoud Alipour told Mehr reporter: We held a series of webinars during Children’s Week, and from Children’s Day, 16 Mehr to 13 Aban, Youth Day, in a series of special programs on the topic We discuss the perspective of media cultural management of the future builders of the country.

He added: In the 70s and 80s, we had good productions in the field of children and teenagers, from “Mahleh Sanghtah”, “Hadi and Heda” and “Grandmother’s Tales” to “Zir Gonbad Kobud” and then “Children of Hemet School”. The sweet world of the world” and… But in recent decades, due to the lack of funds, we saw poor productions in the field of children.

The director of the Children and Media Association, referring to the launch of the specialized Children and Media Association, said: The aim of this association is to inform the society of the achievements of various media collections in the field of children and adolescents and to appreciate the compassionate efforts of the producers of this field. It is also identifying different capacities, creating synergy to improve the quality of products, media services for the audience and holding a series of specialized webinars.

Alipour stated: In these webinars, experts and specialists in the field of children and media will examine issues such as the prospect of producing media content for children and teenagers in the new era, ways to improve the quality of media products and services for the audience of children and teenagers, media cultural management for the future makers of the country. And the role of the family in raising the next generation will be discussed using the media.

In the end, he said: Those interested can refer to the website of the Children and Media Specialist Association at to learn about these topics and webinars.

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