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China’s wall was taller than Iranian basketball players; Armaghani’s students are waiting for a miracle

According to IRNA’s report on Friday evening, Saeed Armaghani’s students hosted the Chinese basketball team in a crucial match from 17:00 today in the fifth selection window of the 2022 World Cup in the basketball hall of the Azadi sports complex, which ended with the result of 81-72.

Sina Vahedi, Peter Grigorian, Sajjad Meshaikhi, Arslan Kazemi, Behnam Lakhri, Mohammad Jamshidi, Sajjad Kabehan, Salar Manji, Navid Rezaifar, Mateen Aghajanpour, Jalal Aghamiri and Hamed Haddadi were 12 Iranian players in this match.

In the first quarter of this match, the Iranian team had a better performance and managed to win 21-20.

China performed better in the second quarter and won 22-13.

In the third quarter, China had a better performance and won with a score of 18-17 to widen the gap between the two teams.

In the fourth quarter, which was very decisive, despite the good start of the national team and increased the gap to 2 points, the Chinese made 2 three-point shots to increase the gap to seven points and finally the difference reached 9 points.

In their next game, the national team should face the Australian national team on November 23.

Hamid Sajjadi, Minister of Sports and Youth, along with Carlos Queiroz, the head coach of Iran’s national football team, were also present in this game, which was attended by the fans of both teams.

Iran’s national basketball team must meet Australia on November 23 in the fifth selection window of the 2023 World Cup. According to the results obtained in the previous windows, the Iranian basketball team had a strong need to win in these 2 games, and due to the defeat in this game, the work of Armaghani’s students has become more difficult for globalization. The 2023 World Cup will be jointly hosted by Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia and will be held in 5 cities.

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