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Clean Earth Week; An opportunity to find a solution to the silent killers of nature

One of the consequences of the growth of consumerism is the increase of waste in nature. Due to the irresponsible behavior of many of us, garbage acts as the silent killers of nature, and if we do not address this issue on occasions such as Clean Earth Week, we will have to wait for more risks in the not too distant future.

According to IRNA, the change in lifestyle and the use of conversion industries, regardless of the category of waste management over time, has increased waste beyond the capacity of the environment and has gradually turned materials such as plastics into the silent killer of nature.

Although municipal wastewater, toxic industrial fumes, and agricultural fertilizers are also environmental pollutants, the volume of waste dumped in nature, led by plastics, is far more dangerous given the need for several hundred years to decompose. . In addition to environmental hazards, this issue has created a beautiful face for a tourist province like Ardabil. To the extent that the dumping of plastic waste, especially in the entrances of the cities of the province, has made the officials and the city management and environmental activists think.

In recent weeks, this issue has been repeatedly emphasized by the high officials of the province. In addition, the affiliated agencies of the Environment Organization in the province in the same weeks with the help and support of people and lovers of the environment to clean the environment from garbage.

Although in recent years, areas such as Ardabil province have been involved in the management of waste and plastic waste, but the change in the development of the tourism industry in the direction of the prosperity of the tourism industry using historical-cultural assets and natural attractions has highlighted this issue.

The importance of the issue is that these days, waste is seen everywhere from the promenades to the entrances of cities and along the roads, and in the meantime, plastic materials, due to lack of manpower and equipment of responsible agencies, have created an unfavorable outlook more than other types of waste. اند.

Previously, a study estimated that the amount of plastic produced in the country would reach more than 177,000 tons per year, which is equivalent to about 500 tons per day, but its share in waste recycling is very small.

These wastes affect water, soil, air pollution, poisoning among other organisms, and if left unattended, even in the long run, can affect ecosystems. Occasions such as Clean Earth Day are a good opportunity to raise awareness about waste management and reduce Consumption of this material is plastic.

 clean Earth

Symbolic cleansing is on the agenda

In this regard, Hassan Ghasempour, the head of the General Department of Environmental Protection of Ardabil province, who was present at IRNA, told IRNA: “According to the law, waste management in cities is the responsibility of the municipality, in villages is the responsibility of villages and roads are the responsibility of roads.” The General Directorate of Highways and Road Transport.

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According to Hassan Ghasempour, 70 to 80% of the distribution of waste, especially plastics, occurs due to improper landfilling.

Emphasizing the need for public participation in reducing the production of waste, especially plastic waste, he said: “Environmental protection requires public participation, and especially those in charge of waste management should feel more responsible in fulfilling their responsibilities.”

The head of Ardabil Environment Department, referring to this year’s slogan of the environment, reminded: This year’s slogan of Clean Earth Week has been selected as “Investing in land with reduced plasticity”, which shows the importance of paying attention to the environmental consequences of waste, especially plastics. There are also plans for “Clean Earth Week” that will be implemented in different parts of the province.

Referring to environmental measures in recent days, he said: Ardabil city entrance road cleaning program on the first Thursday of May with the presence of interested parties, municipal agents and cleaners, the General Directorate of Sports and Youth, the Red Crescent, members of non-governmental organizations in cooperation with the General Directorate of Environmental Protection The province was held.

Qasempour added: “Also, the cleaning of wetlands and areas under the management of environmental protection and urban and rural areas is symbolically carried out with the help of the Red Crescent, Basij and non-governmental organizations to pay more attention to the issue of culture.”

Flip to executive devices

He continued: the plan is implemented symbolically, but it is necessary for the managers of the devices that have caused the current situation with their improper performance, to participate in these plans and manage the issue by organizing the pious.

Head of the General Department of Environmental Protection of Ardabil Province, the sound of clean ground bells in schools, the presence of environmental experts in the media, the continuation of the national program of green-Iran clean route at the entrances and exits of cities, wetlands and visits to industrial units active in waste management He mentioned clean earth week programs.

“The new generation, of course, feels more responsible for the issue of waste management,” he said. Different people are indifferent in this field and even try to pollute the environment, and more work needs to be done in this field.

 clean Earth

Nature protects itself, but we must be careful

Director General of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Ardabil Province, regarding the damage caused to nature and natural resources by waste, said: Ardabil Province has more than 960,000 hectares of summer, winter, intermediate and forest pastures, of which waste and plastic are not only ugly. They give nature, but sometimes cause accidents such as the loss of animals as a result of swallowing garbage or fires.

In an interview with IRNA, Mahmoud Gholizadeh said: “The issue of proper waste management and reducing the consumption of plastic materials is a great pain; Society must be taught that the future and nature belong to those children who emulate us adults.

Referring to the fire caused by the release of waste in nature, he said: “Of course, due to weather conditions and rainfall, issues such as fires rarely occur in Ardabil province, however, every year before the start of the summer season, several meetings on the subject Crisis management and firefighting are held in rangelands and forests.

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The Director General of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Ardabil Province stated: In fact, nature in Ardabil Province protects itself even in the event of such incidents. In addition, the Red Crescent, crisis management, governorates, municipalities, construction mobilization and people’s forces, and some departments have so far helped natural resources in this regard.

Gholizadeh called the negligence of people and tourists as one of the biggest causes of fires in forests and pastures and added: “Of course, when the extent of fires reaches a critical level and the management of the issue is beyond the power of natural resources, the help of other devices is used.”

Garbage that burns the earth

“Most fires in nature are caused by the release of various types of waste,” he said. For example, a bottle of glass acts as a magnifying glass for long hours in direct sunlight, igniting grass or other flammable waste, and eventually setting a range of pasture or forest on fire. Such events may seem small, but they destroy half to one hectare of land, and of course it takes several years for the ash-filled environment to regenerate and grow green.

The official added: “As long as people and tourists do not understand that they should not leave garbage in the living environment and nature, and the only trace that should remain in nature is their footprints and only a souvenir of a photo, this official.” Conditions will continue.

Director General of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Ardabil Province said: “Sometimes it is observed that even adults who have taken refuge in nature for fun, destroy the environment in the same place, but the new generation feels more responsible in this regard.”

He added: “These conditions show that the management of the issue needs to create a culture, and of course the work on children is more appropriate, which is the duty of the relevant agencies, media and tribune holders to make people aware that this nature does not belong only to us.”

Clean Earth Week is an opportunity to reflect on waste that both detracts from the beauty of nature and causes irreparable damage to the future of the earth and to every creature that lives on it.

Although the younger generations feel more responsible for the environment, and this is promising, they should not be reminded of a damaged and degraded environment, perhaps even today to protect the environment and nature, whose beauties are used. We may be late.

Perhaps the simplest thing is what the director general of the province’s natural resources reminds us to do, and that is to “try to make the only footprint that remains of us in nature.”

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