“Coin Exchange” Trading Limits / How many coins can be bought?

According to Tejarat News, according to the new announcement of the Commodity Exchange, buyers of exchange coins can place a maximum of 10 coins in each order from today, Sunday.

Radio The announcement, which was published under the title “Applying the maximum amount of registration of each order in the symbols of the gold coin commodity deposit certificate”, reads: Registration of purchase order in each order sent for each transaction code (except marketer) in the trading symbols of the gold coin commodity deposit certificate will be equal to 1000 commodity deposit certificates (equivalent to 10 gold coins).

Gold coin deposit certificate is one of the financial instruments that was created in 1994 with the aim of increasing the security and peace of mind of investors, discovering the official price of the coin and its price transparency.

A certificate of deposit is a financial instrument in which the holder of the certificate owns the deposited property; Thus, a gold coin deposit certificate is a certificate that indicates the owner’s ownership of the gold coins deposited in the warehouse, ie the treasury of the banks approved by the Commodity Exchange, including the Workers’ Welfare, Export, Nation, Organization and Future banks.

This property is also backed by a receipt given to the investor after delivery by the warehouseman. For this reason, the amount of coins purchased and the location of the warehouse must be stated in the gold coin deposit certificate.

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