Commodity exchange is a symbol of the transparency of commodity transactions in the country/where exactly is the transparency in the free market?

In an interview with the online economy, Ruhollah Abbaspour stated that some people are looking for the withdrawal of cement and steel from the commodity exchange: the philosophy of the commodity exchange is transparency in the details of commodity transactions so that it is possible to manage and balance the market and institutions monitoring can also monitor the behavior of traders; In this way, the needs of consumers have been met in the past years, and until today, when these two products were offered in the commodity exchange, we had no problem in supplying them.
The spokesperson of the Industries and Mines Commission stated: The withdrawal of steel and cement from the stock market will harm the housing sector, and according to the previous procedure, domestic needs in this field should be met first, and in case of surplus, exports should also be made so that the country’s foreign exchange does not face a disruption. .
People’s representative Boyin Zahra emphasized that there is no transparency in the free market of goods to monitor the market and added: The withdrawal of cement and steel from the commodity exchange will lead to brokers playing in this area and this issue will lead to an increase in prices. .
He mentioned transparency as one of the important features of the commodity exchange and said: In recent years, with the supply of cement and steel in the commodity exchange, the price of these two commodities has been controlled, and this mechanism has been able to help stabilize the price of these commodities by eliminating brokers.
At the end, Abbaspour pointed to the approach of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development for the withdrawal of cement and steel from the commodity exchange and said: “The reality is that Bazarpash is not the trustee of the exchange and according to the announcement of the economic headquarters of the government, the supply of cement and steel in the stock exchange is far better than transactions outside of It is the stock market.

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