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Condolence message of artists in the mourning of Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife

According to Fars news agency, various artists and trade associations have published condolence messages following the death of Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife, who were recently murdered in a heartbreaking and tragic way in their private home.

Majid Majidi

The text of this condolence message reads:

“The heartbreaking death of Iranian cinema philosopher Dariush Mehrjooi and his beloved wife is a great loss to Iranian cinema. For my part, I offer my condolences to his respected survivors and Iranian cinema for this great loss, and I ask God for patience and patience for his family and mercy and forgiveness for the deceased.

Majid Majidi”

Payam Marzieh Broumand, CEO of Cinema House

In the text of the message of Marzieh Broumand, CEO of Cinema House, it is also stated:

“My heart is bursting with grief. I think of Mona, what a terrible sight she faced last night and how she endured it, of Stare who was the companion of her father’s lifeless body last week, of Maziar’s student daughter, of Mehrane Asheg and Nazanin Maryam who received the news of her father’s death and She heard about her pregnancy at the same time to Sarah, who is still crying for Dawood, and to the wives of all Iranian cinematographers, who bear the heavy burden of their husbands’ economic and mental job insecurity in silence and do not give a damn.

The message of the Film Association of the country’s artist mobilization organization

In a message, the Film Association of the Basij Organization of Artists of the country stated:

“In recent days, the people of the world, especially the people of Islamic Iran, have witnessed the unfortunate news and images related to the brutal killing of the oppressed people of Gaza by the Zionists, who retaliated for their disgraceful failure in direct confrontation with the resistance front, with rockets and bombardment of the Gaza land on its defenseless people. they empty The silence of the governments supporting this fake regime has caused the consensus and protest of free people all over the world against the indescribable crimes of the Zionists.

The committed artists of this country have also declared their support for the resistant and oppressed people of Gaza and have demanded an end to this massacre.

In the meantime, the bitter and unfortunate news of the death of master Dariush Mehrjooi, the creator of lasting works such as Cow, Hamon and many other cinematic works, and his wife, grieved the country’s artistic community and cultured people familiar with cinema.

Although the murder of Professor Mehrjoui is a heavy and unfortunate loss, until the dimensions of this tragic incident are clarified by the competent authorities, it should not be misused and improper speculations by some and cause the unique cinematic face of Professor Mehrjoui to be tarnished.

In the current special situation, when a global consensus has been reached on the Zionist crimes in Gaza, some people are trying to inflame the internal situation of the country and intend to light the fire of sedition by sowing discord between the neighboring and Muslim nations.

It is obvious that keeping calm in this situation and giving the officials a chance to clarify the dimensions of this incident can lead to solving the problem and realizing the rights of the victims of the above accident.

While expressing condolences to the survivors and people of cinema of this tragic incident, the Film Association of the Basij Organization of Artists requests the competent authorities and authorities to take care of clarifying the dimensions of the above issue as soon as possible by following up diligently and to make an effort to inform the public immediately.”

end of message/

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