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Corruption topped Barcelona / Piqué

According to Fars News Agency, Colombian singer Shakira announced that she has separated from Barcelona captain Gerard Pique after 12 years of living together.

After this incident, the Brazilian artist Susie Curtis made a revelation against the Barcelona players who harassed and harassed her by sending sexual messages.

Gerard Pique is the first defendant in this case of moral corruption in Barcelona. “All the Barcelona players sent me messages during Sandor Russell’s presidency, and Piqué was their leader because he sent them to me several times,” she said.

He added: “I have been silent so far in honor of Shakira and I have not said anything, but after divorcing Pike, I will not be silent anymore.” At that time, only Lionel Messi and Coutinho did not text me and were committed to their families, but the other players behaved badly.

The case of the Barcelona captain betraying his wife seems to be more than that.

End of message.

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