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The rites of pilgrimage of Hazrat Shahcheragh (AS) were nationally registered

According to Moj News Agency, in one of the letters of Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, to Mohammad Hadi Imaniyeh, Governor of Fars, it is stated:

Pursuant to Articles 11 and 12 of the Law on Accession of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage adopted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in 2005 and Articles 2 and 3 of the Executive Regulations of the said law approved by the Cabinet in 2008 Approved by the 1400 Honorable Council of Ministers, the registration of the following elements will be announced in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iran.

Any action that protects this heritage. Is emphasized.

Introductory list:

1. Darkli (Chukli) / Alek Dolak / Chelek Mesa / Jalik Mara / Chi Chilik / Halak Malek / Chacholak, Qoleh Zaneh and Killing Aghaj (Reference to registration numbers 2332.1977, 1887 and 2352) 2573 on 11/24/1400

2. Boiling ceremony in Deh Shib village (Formeshkan) No. 2606 on 11/25/1400

3. Etiquette of pilgrimage and special prayers of Hazrat Shahcheragh (AS) No. 2607 on 11/25/1400

4. Masonry and jug-cutting skills in Sedeh village, number 2608, on 11/25/1400

5. The art and skill of making traditional ossa / jangar / shahun / osin; Chengg Keshavarzi (an area proposed by Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad) No. 2626 on 11/25/1400

6. “The technique and skill of making traditional chisels / beams and boards / rolling boards (areas proposed by Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad) No. 6229 on 11/25/1400.”

In a similar letter to the governor of Fars, Darabi had also announced the national registration of “Shirdang and Varis weaving skills (areas proposed by Khuzestan)” number 2527 on 10/28/1400.

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