Demonstrate the transfer of magpies to two major ministries; The government still owns Esteghlal and Persepolis

Mizan News Agency – The transfer of ownership of Esteghlal and Persepolis to the two major ministries of silence and economy is not only hopeless but also faced with great concern of experts, because this is only a clearing of the issue by the government to temporarily solve the problem. Resolve for these two clubs.

After the AFC objected to the joint ownership of Esteghlal and Persepolis by the Ministry of Sports and Youth and insisted that they should have a separate and independent management structure, the Ministry of Sports and Youth, in coordination with senior officials in the 13th government, decided to own The two clubs will be transferred to two other ministries to resolve the so-called legal dispute, but this is unlikely to be considered by the AFC.

The main issue is that these two clubs still have a state identity, even if they are owned by another ministry, including the Ministry of Silence and the Ministry of Economy, an issue that was also directly mentioned by sports experts and predicted that this would be a good solution. The objection is not from the Asian Football Confederation.

As sporting directors in previous governments have made numerous commitments to transfer the two clubs during their negotiations with AFC officials, nothing has happened and the ownership of the two clubs is still in the hands of the government. Not only does it not have the necessary efficiency, but it can also add the accusation of documenting to the heavy file of both clubs with the Asian Football Confederation.

The AFC’s criterion is the complete separation of the two clubs from the state system, something that has never been the case to date; Therefore, the issue raised by the sports apparatus to eliminate the sole ownership is not logical, because the issue in this section has been cleared in practice, otherwise the Ministry of Sports and Youth is still responsible for major decisions regarding these two big clubs.

However, the designers of this project may claim that the members of the assemblies of both clubs will change as a result, but it remains to be seen whether the AFC will wait long enough for the registration of companies and legal requirements to be completed or by removing them. The two teams will miss the opportunity of Esteghlal and Persepolis to participate in the Asian Champions League for various reasons, including joint ownership, in order to eliminate the objections and change their ownership in the true sense of the word.

If it was due to a change of ownership of these two major sports complexes, why was it postponed to 90 minutes, when this could have been done months ago, and after the new government took office, the directors of the Ministry of Sports and Youth could move faster. Not to implement this decision shortly before the end of the AFC ultimatum to the two clubs, so as not to increase domestic and international sensitivities on this issue in this way.

The more thought-provoking point is that the Deputy Minister of Economy also implicitly confirmed the transfer of Esteghlal and Persepolis to the two Ministries of Silence and Economy in this regard, and poured clean water on everyone in this regard. Kelly is gone!

«حسین قربان‌زادهIn this regard, the Deputy Minister of Economy said: The Minister of Economy has delegated the responsibility and ownership of the two clubs of Esteghlal and Persepolis to the Minister of Sports. One of the objections of the Asian Football Confederation to these two clubs is the issue of sole ownership and it has been challenged. For this reason, the ownership of Persepolis Club was given to the Minister of Economy and Esteghlal Club was given to the Minister of Silence in order to solve the problem of sole ownership. It is wrong to use the word “ownership” of Persepolis Club to the Ministry of Economy. “The government owns these two clubs.”

Evidence shows that the nightmare of the elimination of Esteghlal and Persepolis is becoming more real moment by moment, and it seems that the blues and reds of the capital should watch the new season of the Asian Champions League through their TV receivers at home to make a big defeat in Iranian football. Register.

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