Details of the construction of national housing in Abu Musa / Who will receive the free land?

According to Tejarat News, it was a few months ago that the issue of donating free land in Abu Musi Island was raised. Based on this, the government decided to give 300-meter plots of land to those who intend to live permanently on the island in the form of the National Housing Movement Plan, and in this regard, Form “C” was also removed for this group of applicants.

Form “C” indicates that, according to the government’s inquiry, there should not be any land or property in the name of the person applying for housing facilities and his dependents in the last five years, and they should not use a loan to buy or build housing in another plan until the time of registration. have done On the other hand, this form also includes the fact that the applicant and his subordinates should not have used any of the facilities of non-governmental public institutions since 11/22/1357.

Now, after a few months, with the statements of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, it seems that this issue, like other baseless promises of the government in the field of land and supportive housing, is not going to be buried in the corners of the ministries, and measures are underway to realize it.

In an interview with Tasnim, Arslan Maliki, referring to the government’s plan to hand over land to applicants in the form of the National Housing Movement Plan, said: If the applicants want to live on the islands of Abu Musi and Hormuz, land will be given to the applicants of the National Housing Movement Plan on these islands. .

Based on Maliki’s talk about donating land, it seems that over time other islands in the southern part of the country have entered the plan and people can choose other areas such as Hormuz Island to receive land.

The citizens of Abu Musa are the first priority for the assignment of residential land

Morteza Ehtsham, the governor of Abu Musi County, stated some time ago about the transfer of land in Abu Musi Island: the citizens of Abu Musi are our first priority for the transfer of residential land in Abu Musi Island, and the residents of Hormozgan Province and then the residents of other provinces are in the next priority.

Ehtsham also said: The system of the National Housing Movement is defined as a country, but for Abu Musa, the condition of not being red in the Jim form has been removed. The removal of this condition was one of the approvals of the Abu Moussa Development Working Group, which was done with the follow-up of the honorable governor.

How to register to receive land in Abu Musa?

The announcements show that all eligible Iranian citizens who are heads of households can apply for Land acquisition in Abu Musa Island take action To register in this plan, applicants should refer to the comprehensive system of housing support plans at 42 hectares of land in Abu Musi Island are considered for handing over to the citizens and each applicant is supposed to be allocated a land of 300 square meters.

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