Details of the initial release next week

The initial public offering of shares of “Rail Pardaz Noafarin” company with the symbol “Haafarin” will take place on Monday (September 13) in the OTC market of Iran.

The offering of shares of new companies (initial public offering) is always of interest to the people of the capital market, because so far more than 90% of the initial public offerings made in the stock exchange have been profitable, which is why this action has always been attractive for market participants.

Last year, the initial public offering of “Haafarin” was scheduled to be over-the-counter, but each time it was canceled. Investment funds were announced, according to which the shares of this company will be offered on the OTC market on Monday (September 12).

This initial offer will be made in the price range of two thousand 727 Rials to three thousand 333 Rials.

When a company’s stock is listed on a stock exchange for the first time, the first day of the stock offering is called an “initial public offering.”

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