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According to Tejarat News, the unprecedented high price of housing in recent years and the increasing inability of people to enter this market caused rumors about the sale of housing by the meter in the stock market to intensify since last year. An issue that provoked many positive and negative opinions from the beginning.

Proponents of buying housing meters believe that according to the current conditions, buying housing meters is the only way by which the poor can become homeowners or at least it will be a suitable platform for investing in the real estate market. Opponents say that this type of purchase will ultimately create a problem in terms of separation of ownership and bring people into a new problem in the field of housing. But with all these margins, the head of the Securities and Exchange Organization has announced the approval of the directive for the sale of housing meters in the near future.

The head of the Securities and Exchange Organization has announced: The real estate fund was launched and in the last three months, the pre-sale meter and the guidelines for housing owners were prepared and it will be on the site within a week and will be approved by the next week after the final summary in the first meeting of the board of directors. will be.

Previously, the head of the Tehran City Renewal Organization announced the beginning of the sale of housing per meter in November of this year and told Fars: This action is aimed at attracting micro capital so that we can direct the capital towards housing. There are several projects of Tehran municipality in the sales section of housing meters where people can buy small pieces. It is also financially beneficial for people and that they can get a house in a certain period of time and whenever they have money they can buy a few meters of land.

Details of housing supply in the stock market

The nature of housing is different from other goods offered in the stock market, and its characteristics are not completely clear. On the other hand, the price of housing has no set limits and its value depends on indicators such as its location and the quality and type of construction. For example, even in the same building, the price of units in different floors may differ from each other.

To solve this problem, it is decided to release stock bonds on a specific project, and the bonds of each project will be different from another project. Also, in each project, a base unit is considered and the value of other units is priced based on that; In this way, the time of release of the project’s characteristics papers is known to the buyer, but it is not known which unit the buyer will deliver at the due date.

Regarding the maturity date of the bonds, if a person has the number of bonds required to take over a unit, the requested unit will be delivered to him, but if the desired unit has several applicants, a lottery will be held between two of them and the unit will be assigned to each person. The winner will be delivered.

Conditions Buying housing meters from the stock market

The basic condition for entering the buying and selling of real estate in the commodity exchange is to have a stock exchange code. The applicant must register in the Sejam system to receive the exchange code (authentication and receipt of the exchange code must be done in the applicant’s own name).

In the next step, the applicant must register in a brokerage and carry out his transactions in this way and top up his stock exchange account through the electronic payment portal.

Also, for this type of transaction, according to the terms and conditions of buying land metric shares and buying land metric shares, it is necessary for the person to have the minimum capital that is announced by the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization during the handing over of the bonds, the bonds corresponding to the certain sizes of the units, the definition and the applicant can take delivery of the residential unit by purchasing the specified amount of bonds at the specified deadline.

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