Do banks accept shares as collateral?

According to Tejarat News, it was last year that Majid Eshghi, the head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, announced the possibility of pledging electronic shares to receive the facility.

This event was supposed to take place from the beginning of 1401, but apparently, 6 weeks after the beginning of the year, there is still no news. The head of the stock exchange organization said that following the approval of the document registration organization, bank shares can be certified.

This quote is related to the middle of March of last year. Eshghi had said that from April 1401, in cooperation with the Central Depository Company, it would be possible for securities, stocks and all financial assets in the financial market to be supported and authenticated by bank loans electronically.

What does the new bail include?

The head of the stock exchange organization mentioned the shareholders of justice, the owners of ETFs as well as debt securities as individuals in these talks. “Applicants can borrow from the banking network without a guarantor from the first month of 1994,” he said.

At the same time, Mohsen Khodabakhsh, the deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, gave an explanation in this regard and said: “Banks have resources at their disposal.” Any bank can lend to shareholders from the beginning of 1401 and accept their shares as collateral.

Nearly six weeks after the beginning of 1401, there is still no news of the payment of bank facilities backed by stocks and securities.

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