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Mehr news agency Art group Alireza Saidi: The function of the title is something similar to the cover of a book The designer It tries to inform the audience of a work by selecting elements, forms and arrangements with the help of graphics and music. The conditions that he sometimes puts in front of the audience in a very careful, thoughtful and calculated manner, and sometimes Sad school And it is built on the fulfillment of a mandatory task that distracts the viewer from the basis with a visual effect.

What became an excuse to once again return to the keyword “title”, a review of the most lasting and the most memorable The music is related to some programs and works of cinema and television, which for many audiences contain bitter and sweet memories, and referring to them again can bring a world of memories for us in any situation. The memory game, which after its launch and publication in Nowruz, was welcomed by 1400 audiences, prompted us to entrust our souls and minds to it in the form of a weekly memory game on Fridays every week, and from its passage to the years when we are better than these troubled days. It was, let’s go.

“Memories with lasting titles” is the title of a series of archival reports with the same approach, which you can follow on a weekly basis in the art group of Mehr News Agency.

In the eighty-sixth issue of this media narrative, let’s look at the title music of a very memorable radio program called “Night” good We went to Kochulu, both in terms of content structure and musical structure Ash It contains sweet and lasting memories that the children of the decade sixty It is impossible for them to have missed listening to this evening radio show even for a few episodes.

A full-fledged cultural basket for the little ones who at that time had almost no entertainment except the same limited children’s program, ball games in the street, doll play and aunty children’s games in the yard and such things. It was a strange time when some nights ended with listening to a program on the national radio that Maryam Nishiba This unrepeatable voice of the radio used to tell stories for children after the program in which children were also present and in short instilled a good mood to its audience.

Radio program “Shab good Kochulu” is the title of one of the radio programs for children and young people in the end It was the sixties with Maryam’s unforgettable performance Nishiba From the speakers With its radio history, it became one of the famous radio brands in the national media. A radio program with a children’s framework, with the goals of promoting the culture of storytelling for children among parents, raising children’s awareness of the issues and events of the day from an indirect educational path, and promoting moral and religious concepts through stories for more than 30 years. It is broadcasted on Radio Iran, and although it no longer has the same enthusiasm due to the increasing growth of visual and audio media, it still contains an important part of nostalgia and memories that cannot be easily passed over.

Of course, in these few years that have passed since the creation and production of this program, many discussions, content and media materials have been published in visual and audio media, which include many buts and ifs. But one of It has been said somewhere that six composers were ordered to compose the title music of this program at the same time, six lullabies with different poems, and finally the song “Sparrow” Lala» The choice and appointment for recording and performing it with the choir has been made. A situation that is apparently not accepted by Siddiqui’s manager and he insists that this song be performed with the presence of a child singer. Things that have received less attention during this period are the title music of this radio series called “Sparrow”. Lala“, which was highly noticed by the audience. The attention and luck that later even became the subject of humor in many TV programs and items and made it one of the most lasting music of the titles of the programs that we all have some kind of memory with it. The memories of Mahmoud Adzhim Siddiqui as a composer and Mustafa Rahmandoost as a poet along with the voice of a young child of that era named Proshat the winner Many roles effective They are durable in drawing and fixing.

About the story of making the end credits music of the “Shab Goodbye, little one» That for the title of this program, first to Mustafa Rahmandoost A famous poet known to the students of the decade sixty The order was placed. According to the broadcast time of the program, he sang two pieces of poetry, and finally the song “Lullaby” was chosen. A song that Mahmoud Adzhim Sediqi, one of the young artists of those years of music, who has been one of the regular timpani players of various orchestras, took over the composition of it and in a way received the first composition order with a poem that is a kind of history. the most instrumental It was also his work.

Of course, it has been said somewhere that six lullabies with different poems were commissioned to make the title music of this program at the same time, and finally the song “Sparrow” Lala» The choice and appointment for recording and performing it with the choir has been made. A condition that is apparently not accepted by Siddiqui’s regular and he insists that this song be performed with the presence of a child singer. In the end, the singing job was given to his eight-year-old niece Proshat the winner suggests and after various exercises, finally this voice Proshat is that by promoting the verse of the choir as the title of the program “Shab Goodbye, little one» was selected and aired.

Do you remember

A song that became the end credits music of the program for 15 years continuously, which will stop broadcasting in 2004. A stop that took the mood of many and led to the fact that even the rumor of Maryam’s hospitalization Nishiba Due to the grief caused by the suspension of this program, it will also be published in some media. But whatever it was, this era has ended, and the program is resounding in 2009 with the same attractive style size It became houses that at night good The little ones of the world had and still have memories.

A song that without referring to a specific place tries to create a calm state for the child by creating a sense of security and a calm space for him to sleep. The feeling of a simple and harmless song with intimate and of course rhythmic words that creates an emotional feeling for the child’s company without being an imperative. income It invites him to rest and relax.

Mostafa Rahmandoost who is undoubtedly one of the most important poets and writers in the field of children and teenagers effective In reminiscing Iran’s 60s, he said about this poem: For the program “Night Goodbye, little one» I wrote seven or eight pieces of poetry and gave them to the Radio Music Council. Two pieces were selected from among them and a song was put on them, one of which was never played, I don’t know why, and the other is the famous lullaby “Sparrow”. Lala” Is.

It was in this conversation that he denied the rumors about writing this poem after the Rudbar earthquake and writing it for the credits of a TV program and said: This poem was only used as a lullaby for the end credits of the night. good The little one is written. Of course, it was 1369, and one night after the Rudbar earthquake, I went to that afflicted city to see the earthquake victims up close. To calm down myself, and to give them a little peace. It was dark and all I could see around me was destruction and razed buildings. Suddenly, a voice took all my intelligence and senses with it, and it was the voice of a girl who was laying her doll on her leg and was singing to it: “Sparrow”. Lala. Squirrel Lala … came again / Moonlight Lala… Lalalalaai… Lalalalai…lalalalai… Gul fell asleep early…” I held the little girl in my arms and I couldn’t stop crying.

Do you remember

Mahmoud Adzhim Sedighi, composer and veteran timpani player, who has been a constant member of important orchestras in our country for the past decades, about the story of making the title music of “Shab” good Little” has said: before “night good “Little” several tasks Hymn-oriented I made it for the radio. I also participated as a musician in children’s works such as “Mahleh Sanghat”, “My school was late” and “Rainbow”. To make the title “Night good “Little” six or seven very good composers of that time came and each of them took one of the presented poems and only one poem by Mustafa Rahmandoost It was left that they gave it to me. Poetry had no room for maneuver. I worked on it for a week and one night at 2:00 am I suddenly woke up and a melody came to my mind. I sat down and quickly wrote and edited it. At that time, they didn’t let little children sing. but me Mahmoud Adzhim Sediqi: Lullaby “Shab good “Kochulu” was a lasting and special work, but unfortunately we did not receive any support. Once they did not take my name because I made this work with my heart and soul. I said that it is better for a child to sing a lullaby and I said that I would do it at my own expense. They said to take a few recordings, one of them with a choir, one without words and a lullaby with a child’s voice. Pay for the tape and the necessary equipment yourself.

He about cooperation Ash with his eight-year-old niece for singing It The piece also stated: I spent a week withProshat the winner“She was my niece and she was 8 years old. I worked and told her how I felt. This work was recorded and became the first among 8 works. It was a team effort; They were the TV choir and the good musicians of TV played his music. A lullaby means sleep and I was aware that it should induce sleep sedative be On the contrary, the lullabies that I hear now are sometimes played on the dynamic network and have a fast rhythm, and the child cannot sleep with them. But I thought about all these things. Night lullaby good “Kochulu” was a lasting and special work, but unfortunately we did not receive any support. Once they did not take my name because I made this work with my heart and soul. I even remember that they paid me 12,000 tomans to make a lullaby, but they paid 24 tomans to the poet.

It was this famous composer and musician who, in the same media interview, criticized the indifference shown to him in this field and explained: This work was stopped for a year, and for its reopening, they had a big celebration and invited everyone, except for me, the composer. Work, they did not invite. Years later and for the “Yesterday’s Children” program, they had a party at Milad Tower and from Maryam Nishiba honored Three thousand people were reading my work in that hall, but the composer was not invited. After that, I remember the music programs exciting another like “Alang Dulang“, “ice creams” and “Elson And Wilson“, all of which are memories for today’s mothers and fathers. when in my instagram I published these works, they wrote to me why we didn’t know you made these works? Five, six years after making Lullaby Night good My family and I went to a store to buy ice cream. It was 9:50 p.m. and a lullaby was playing on the radio. The salesman told me to wait and listen to this. I also got a special feeling. I asked him, do you like this lullaby very much? “I live with this work,” he said. He couldn’t believe me when I told him that I made this lullaby. He said you are lying. Because no one introduced me, my name was kept secret for years.

Do you remember

In any case, the end credits music of the radio program “Shab Goodbye, little one» An auditory museum in the historical memory of a generation that does not like these melodies of memory in the age of digital media. exciting And to forget Mandani from their minds. The memories that Akarche It contains a lot of bitterness and sweetness, but whatever it is, it is a large part of the heritage that cannot be exchanged for any gold and jewels that remain as memories.

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