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Ali do you go رامشه The director of the movie “Car”, which is scheduled to be released in cinemas on December 8, told Mehr about the density of movies on the screen in the second half of this autumn: “People were under a lot of pressure during the corona study. Many were shut down and the cinema lights were going out. When the situation changed a little and it was announced that the space would improve with the vaccination of most members of the community, Bed Provided the cinema cycle as well Again Roy Roller Let it happen and good luck for all the movies.

He continued: Of course, the screen was not supposed to be so crowded in the fall. If friends had informed and said that this number of films would be released in the fall, some might have postponed the release of their films until after the festival. There are currently more than 200 films in the pipeline, and friends who are waiting for the ideal conditions to be released will probably have to wait another year. During this period, both the films lose their freshness and become stale, and naturally the production wheel continues and new films are made.

میری‌رامشه He emphasized: “In these circumstances, we relied on God and we hope to welcome the people.” All Thing In this case, it depends on the kindness of the people to the films and filmmakers. The release of films such as “Dynamite” and “Hero” has also created conditions for people to reconcile with cinemas. Inshallah Cinemas with respect Protocols Stay open and see the presence of a large number of people in the halls.

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The director of “Automobile” said about his prediction for the sale of this film: “Certainly, every filmmaker who makes a film wants his film to be seen well and to have good sales in order to become a stepping stone for future works.” If the film is to be released only and not for sale, its impact Seen It will not have. A film that does not sell well has a negative score on its director. Friends asked us to screen “Car” on Nowruz 1400, and there were much better support conditions than today, but we held hands so that the film could be seen better and could sell better.

The director talks about the role of television in informing and promoting ongoing films اکران He emphasized: “Television was supposed to have support in the field of broadcasting teasers, as in previous years, but unfortunately, this support has diminished.” In the field of environmental advertising, due to the staggering costs, most of the film advertising has shifted to cyberspace. We would like TV to have more support for movies and help keep the cinema lights off. Broadcasting business in this area should Accompanying And favorable promises have been made in this regard that we must see to what extent it will be implemented.

میری‌رامشه About Film burning in current situation اکران Autumn also said: The fact is that over the past two years witnessed Film burning Are. Not everyone should be in a coronary condition Thing Stay the same. Our film at last year’s festival جزو There were the first 25 films and 31 films were supposed to be in the Simorgh Soda section, but unfortunately there was a letter that only 16 films should be in the Simorgh Soda section, which burned our film. This may have happened to other films as well. We can’t wait for Corona to get better and then want to give the film back to the festival. Such movies Bayat It becomes.

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In the end, he said: On the other hand, cinemas a film They do not have to be screened and the audience who are interested in watching the movie in the cinema must have a movie on screen. If we want to wait for the ideal conditions, we have to wait three or four years so that we may be able to screen our film in good conditions. This expectation will hurt the cinema, the audience, the filmmaker and the investor.


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