Dollar, Gold and Coin Markets Forecast / A Look at the Financial Markets June 6, 1401

According to Tejarat News, today The price of the dollar The National Exchange experienced an increase of 372 Tomans. gold price And the coin, unlike the previous days, recorded a decreasing trend. Since then, the stock market index has been declining.

Predicting the massive growth of cryptocurrencies

Katie Wood, founder of ARK Invest, predicts huge growth, citing chain data Bitcoin Is. “Criteria show that the king of cryptocurrencies is likely to find its bottom soon, and then we have to wait for the market to grow,” he said in a new episode of In the Know YouTube series.

By chain standards, short-term bitcoin holders have surrendered, and this is not good news for the short term. Because it may cause more decline, but the demand for the market seems to be very high in the price floor. Of course, by these criteria, long-term holders of the largest digital currency on the market did not give up, and those who more than a year Bitcoin They had, they still have.

In addition to chain data, the futures market, Wood says Bitcoin Also monitors that it seems that fluctuations in this market will increase soon. We also expect the market to move when fluctuations in futures trading increase. It seems that given the high market demand in the low price range, we can hope for market growth.

Of course, Katie Woodd is very careful after Lana’s collapse. “Lana’s fall was a disaster, and it paves the way for regulators to enter the market,” he said. This means more pressure on the market.

Stock forecasting

“Contrary to rumors today, interest rates fell,” Iman Raisi, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News. Today, the stock exchange moved against the previous day (the last working day of the last week) and tomorrow is the opposite trend today and we expect the market to be positive for this day.

How will the price of gold and coins decrease?

Nader Bazrafshan, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Tehran Jewelry Union on the possibility of continuation The rising trend of gold and coin prices “Compared to the middle of last week, the gold and coin market has been declining somewhat,” he told Trade News last week. The price of coins today and on the first working day of the week, has decreased by about 200,000 Tomans.

He continued: In the global markets, nothing special has happened in these few days. Due to the fluctuations of the dollar price and political events in the last week, the price trend was upward. This upward trend has been too much and now the market has to follow a downward trend that is taking place.

“In the future, we may have a decrease or increase of between one and three percent in the domestic gold market,” Bazrafshan said. If the central bank monitors and controls the foreign exchange market, there is a possibility that the price of gold and coins will fall.

The price of the dollar is based on Borjam

Ahmad Eshtiaghi, a financial markets expert, also commented on the price of the dollar: “The price of the dollar is currently based on Borjam.” If negotiations fail, the dollar will continue to rise, as the country faces new sanctions restrictions, including the impossibility of exporting oil.

He continued: “On the other hand, there is a budget deficit that increases the amount of liquidity.”

“So the only factor that can stop the rise of the dollar is the revival of Borjam,” said Eshtiaqi, referring to the dollar exchange rate control factor.

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