Do’s and don’ts when welding a car on hot days

According to Eqtesad Online, quoted by Khorasan newspaper, if you are driving on the streets with your car on these hot days, we suggest that you read this report to know what to do and what not to do to boil your car. And do not harm yourself.

Things not to do

If you notice an abnormal rise in the water amp while driving, pull aside and wait for the amp to drop. However, if the work is over and the car is boiling, you should not do the following:

1- You should not turn off the car: Definitely should not move with the car that is welded, but it should not be turned off either, so it is better to park in a suitable place while the car is on. Turning off the car means not moving the impeller and the internal water of the radiator, which means that instead of helping to cool the engine, you have taken the chance to cool it! Shutting down the engine in this case can cause a lot of damage to the car engine.

2- Do not open the radiator door: When the car is boiling or the water amp is high, you should not open the radiator at all, because the boiling water droplets are thrown out when the smallest space is opened, and there is a risk of burns and loss of life. has it.

3- Do not pour water on the engine: The third thing you should not do is pour water on the engine. Pouring water on the engine causes a temperature difference inside and outside the engine and physically increases the risk of the engine cracking.

What to do

You probably want to ask, instead of the do’s and don’ts, we wish we had said the do’s and don’ts of getting your car boiling. Do not rush, we have written the musts below.

1- Open the car hood: Do not forget that you should not turn off the car and open the hood while the car is on to help the engine cool down more.

2- Pouring water on the radiator: Contrary to what we wrote, do not pour water on the engine. We recommend pouring water on the radiator without opening the radiator to cool the radiator.

3- Turning off the air conditioner: If the car air conditioner is on, turn it off to reduce the pressure on the engine. Instead, turn on the car heater to transfer the engine heat into the car and cool the engine.

4- Go to a repair shop for troubleshooting: Although the high temperature these days may cause your car to boil, but it is better to take the car to a repair shop after the engine cools down, so that if there is a problem in the radiator or water hoses leaking, it will be a problem. Solve so as not to damage the car.

Khorasan Newspaper

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