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Ebadipoor: We have come to Japan for a bigger purpose – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency and quoting the Volleyball Federation, Milad Ebadipoor, after the Iranian team reached the top 4 teams of the Asian Championship with the defeat of South Korea, said: “We had a relatively better game against South Korea, of course we expected such a performance.” We knew that this stage would definitely be more difficult than the group stage, and that the future stages would definitely be more difficult.

“We did not come to Japan to climb out of our group,” he said. Our goal is much bigger and we are trying to win the championship.

The captain of the Iranian national volleyball team stated: I hope we will be successful in tomorrow’s game, semifinals and finals and make the hearts of the Iranian people happy. Today, the Iranian national volleyball team defeated South Korea to reach the semifinals and determine the top four teams in the Asian Men’s Championship.


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