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According to Mehr News Agency, Behnam Ehsanpour said about his presence as a coach in the national team camps: “I am now 30 years old and I said goodbye to the world of championship a few months ago due to my busy life and difficult training conditions.” I wrestled lightly and it was very difficult to continue wrestling like me and I decided to open the field for the younger ones.

He continued: “Of course, there are very good and young wrestlers in lightweight who can guarantee the future of Iranian wrestling.”

The holder of two Asian Championship gold medals clarified about his invitation to the camps as a coach: I thought they would use me in the camps, but I did not expect to be invited to the adult camp, and I appreciate the confidence of the technical staff and the federation. I hope to use and learn from the experiences of adults.

Ehsanpour said about the training conditions in the camps: Considering that I myself was present in the national team training for several years, I think in the two stages of the camp I attended, the training is very different and better than before.

He added: “There have been changes in the type of training, which includes the way of specialized planning for wrestlers and bodybuilding exercises.”

The holder of two Asian Championship silver medals said about the training conditions in the camps of previous and current years and the lack of conclusions of some wrestlers: “Previously, the training pressure was very high and the camps were long and exhausting.” This was not a good situation for me as a lightweight wrestler, and my body was deteriorating over time and in various competitions, and perhaps that was why I could not get the required result in the World Championships.

He continued: “These conditions of the camps were not compatible with my physical condition, and I think the national team camps should be more purposeful for coordination between wrestlers, troubleshooting and tactics, and bodybuilding.” Definitely a long camp destroys the wrestlers spiritually.

Ehsanpour stated: The training conditions of each weight are different in the camps, for example, a person like me can not do Hassan Yazdani exercises.
Regarding the reasons for the decline of Iranian wrestling in recent years, he said: “I think Iranian wrestling has moved away from its essence, which is subordination. Unless wrestling is technical, it can not come out of the wrestling mat successfully.

The coach of the national wrestling team added: “If you look at the medal-winning wrestlers of the past decades, such as Alireza Dabir, Mohammad Talaei, Mehdi Taghavi and Hassan Rahimi, you will see that all of them have succeeded by performing tricks and following the Iranian wrestling. Getting our opponents off the mat takes us away from our origins.

Ehsanpour said: “I was mostly a wrestler and I could not get my opponent out of the mat and it was not useful for me to aim for training to take my opponents out of the mat and get them out of the mat.”

He continued: “Currently, this issue is common among wrestlers, and in most wrestlers, technical poverty and lack of support is evident, and everyone is looking to slap the wrestler under the shoulder and move the opponent forward from the mat. To win. Definitely, if a wrestler loses a point in the corners against his opponent, it will be very difficult to make up for it with a single point to get him off the mat.

Ehsanpour said about sending wrestlers to international tournaments and participating in the Medvedev Cup in Belarus: “Wrestlers are definitely built by participating in tournaments and increase their experience, and these competitions are a springboard for them to succeed in bigger competitions such as It will be an Olympic and world championship.

Regarding the performance of wrestlers in these competitions, he said: “Some wrestlers, such as Peyman Nemati, participated in these competitions for the first time and had a good performance, but some wrestlers did not appear as they should.” Of course, considering that we participated in these competitions with a young team, the overall performance was good.

The coach of the national wrestling team stated: The issue that the Iranian wrestling is far from its origin was also evident in the competitions of the Medvedev Cup in Belarus. 90% of our wrestlers who competed in at least 2 to 3 did not show more than 2 to 3 below, which was the main weapon of us Iranians in wrestling, and this is an alarm for Iranian wrestling and we must return to our origin as soon as possible.

In the end, Ehsanpour added: The fact that Hassan Yazdani has succeeded with this style is not a reason that other wrestlers can be successful with this method.
In the end, he noted: “I think every wrestler should have his own style and we should not neglect the technical discussion and subversion, because most of our wrestling champions were victorious over their opponents in this way and made the country proud.”


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