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Ebadipour’s illusions have risen/I didn’t fight to choose a player – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr’s reporter, Iran’s national volleyball team performed very poorly during the Olympic qualifiers, and Atai’s students fell in the world ranking with 6 losses and ranked 15th. Behrouz Atai, the head coach of the national team, also resigned from his position during the Olympic qualifiers, and the president of the federation agreed with his resignation. Now, the national volleyball players should try to win the Olympic quota in the 2024 Nations League in Paris through the ranking.

It was dictated by the federation to beat Atai but not the referee!

Behrouz Atai, the former head coach of the national volleyball team, said in a radio interview about the conditions of the national team: Our team failed and we did not reach our goal. I am sorry for this. The games we presented were not intended for us and the people. A series of unusual cases were shown as major weaknesses and some issues were ignored. No one mentioned that the national team lost 6-7 players and they said goodbye to the national team. I talked to Amir Ghafoor, but he believed that because he had been away from the national team for a long time, it was not possible for him to make a good comeback and be successful, but they raised marginal issues about Ghafoor, which means that he did not accept the staff and because of This has not happened to the national team. Some media were specifically directed. A media accompanied the national team in the League of Nations at the expense of the federation, but then began to destroy me. Even I heard that it was dictated to the same media from the federation to hit Ataei but not to hit the referee! Unfortunately, all these things were lined up to beat me.

There was a movement against me in the national team

Atai said: The national team’s loss to the Czech Republic was called a big defeat, while we had worse defeats in the past. In Iranian soil and in Tehran, we left the result to Australia, but they did not react like this to this loss. Our failures with the national team were made very big. The TV host was begging the president of the federation to recruit a foreign coach for the national team in the live program, do these things happen in football too?! Does anyone dare to say such things about the head coach of the national football team? What was this current that was started against me?

They martyred the positions of the Islamic Republic

The former head coach of Iran’s national volleyball team said: The position of the Islamic Republic was to support Iranian coaches, but I think some people wanted to martyr this position. There was a trend that this position would not be accepted. These people spoke as if Iranian volleyball has been the world champion for years. Our volleyball was among the top 10 teams in the world. We had problems and if this unconventional pressure had not been applied and the same results would have been obtained, I would still have resigned.

The players were strictly controlled from the outside

He pointed out: We lost to Japan in the first week of the League of Nations and after that we lost the game against Poland with the result of 3:2. They attacked us from the beginning of the League of Nations. They lobbied with the players and infiltrated the team. From 2010 to today, I am the seventh coach of the national volleyball team, who remained constant during this time?! The president of the federation, the head of the national team, the doctor and the players were all consistent. When everything happens, the coach is destroyed and nothing happens to the players, it is clear that nothing matters to this player anymore. The players were strictly controlled from the outside.

A part of what Ebadipour said was a lie

In another part of his speech, Atai mentioned Milad Ebadipour’s interview and said: Ebadipour talked a lot about professionalism. Are you a professional who interviewed in Koran matches against the technical staff?! Do you want it?! You are wrong to say these things! Part of what he said was a lie. I had no conversation with Ebadipour, even after Ebadipour’s conversations, I doubted my memory that I had lost it. I have a recording of Milad explaining after the first week of the League of Nations that he was not going to make it to the tournament. I would not kill any player. Some people said that I should have asked a certain player to help us in the national team, but I never do that. The players are the soldiers of the national team and you should not beg the soldiers.

Milad Ebadipour’s delusions have increased and he cannot control himself!

He said: Milad Ebadipour’s delusions have increased and he cannot control himself. Milad scored 19 spikes and scored 7 points in the final of the Asian Championship against Japan. It was clear that he was not playing well and I said that he did not help us. It is very difficult to leave a quality player on the bench. The conditions of Ebadipour’s subordinates were better than him. He was affecting our passers a lot. Abadipour played in which big club in the world? It is very ugly that these words are raised.

Atai noted: I expected that when Ebadipour gave an interview against Afshardoust, the technical committee would not allow me to use this player. But in my opinion, the federation crossed all its red lines to achieve its goals. They believe that the team should win under any circumstances and other things don’t matter.

Something happened in America that if I mention it, everyone’s four pillars will tremble

The former head coach of Iran’s national volleyball team explained why he did not use Saeed Maarouf: Maarouf had announced his retirement and I also said that whenever he wants to play in the national team, I will use Maarouf’s presence. Events happened in America for the national team that if I say, the four pillars of everyone’s body will tremble, but no one said a word, because the media were in the hands of the volleyball federation’s public relations.

I had resigned after the second week of the League of Nations

Atai said about his resignation during the Olympic qualifiers: I thank the referee, he was always by our side. But there was a flow of joy in the volleyball federation that the president of the federation could not control. The referee was by our side and did whatever help he could for us. I came to the national team one day and I had to leave one day. Thanks to the referee for all his support. I had resigned after the second week of the League of Nations, but the factory and Afshardoust strongly opposed it, and after that, the American visa was not issued, and I was convinced not to pursue the issue. After every tournament, there were criticisms and the members of the technical committee, many of whom are not qualified in my opinion, beat my coaches. All my friends were upset with me. I was confused. I told the factory that if Afshardoust and Khouryani do not return, I will resign because I feel that they are plucking my feathers. Then we went to the meeting and I did not hear any convincing reason.

I did not fight to choose a player and I paid the price

Atai said: I am very sad that we did not reach our goal. People were upset and annoyed by the results, we wanted to make people happy; But I am happy that we lived healthy and did not fight for the selection of players and prevented corruption. We paid the price for the fight against corruption. Again, I apologize to the people and hope that Iranian volleyball will be successful in its future.

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