Enayati: I am upset and saddened by the missed opportunities in the game with Hong Kong/ AFC’s answer was two-sided, we did not take risks about Barzegar.

According to Tasnim news agency, Reza Enayati said about the latest state of our country’s Omid football team after the 3-0 victory of his students against Hong Kong in the preliminary and qualifying stage of the U-23 Asian Nations Cup. But I am saddened and saddened by the children’s burning of opportunities. I would have liked better conditions in the game.

He further added: But as you know, it is difficult to start work in any tournament. I thank God that we were able to pass this stage and achieve good self-confidence. I say to the good kids of my team, don’t be tired, they all gave their best. Although our expectations from the kids were much higher, I know that they are in good technical condition.

The head coach of our country’s Omid football team said about his team’s other games in the Asian Under-23 Championship qualifiers: God willing, we will advance game by game. We have two important games with Afghanistan and Uzbekistan ahead of us. Uzbekistan game is very important for us. You know the table conditions and I’m not going to talk too much about a team advancing from this stage. I think Uzbekistan will use all its hosting points to advance.

Criticizing Uzbekistan’s hosting of the U23 Asian Nations Cup qualifiers, Enayati clarified: I don’t want to complain, but this is the reality of football. The stadium we play in is small and the pitch is hard. We were a bit bothered by this and we have to hold our two matches in the same stadium. Yesterday, I watched the second half of the Uzbekistan-Afghanistan game closely, the stadium of the venue was very stylish and big, with very good grass, which was watered before the start of the match, which provided higher quality playing conditions. Anyway, it is natural that the hosts use all their conditions and want to get the desired result. Anyway, we are doing our best to pass this stage with the good prayers of the people. This is a very difficult stage for us.

He mentioned about the suspension of two Omid football players and not using them against Hong Kong: Two players from our team were suspended. We already knew that Bavieh was banned, but we doubted Aria Barzegar. With the follow-up of the team manager and the federation officials, we received an answer from the Asian Football Confederation, which of course was two-sided. After this two-sided answer, I said that we should not accept the risk of playing Aria Barzegar and it will be a problem for us tomorrow. That’s why we removed Barzegar’s name from the game list. I must thank the officials of the federation and their correspondence with the Asian Football Confederation.

In the end, the head coach of the Omid football team said: “The whole team is sympathetic to the team’s results.” This collection includes the children of the Football Federation, the National Olympic Committee and my friends whom we serve in Uzbekistan. All the companions of the doctor, videographer, photographer and support group are sympathetic so that we can create good conditions and pass this stage.

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